Rain, Rain… You Can Stay

For some reason, I am totally fine with rain during the Fall.  I relish it, in fact.  A rainy day in the Fall is the perfect excuse to stay inside, read, drink hot tea, bake all the things, and pretty much just act like a hermit.

The only time I don’t like rain in the fall is when it cancels roomie reunion plans. Rain, Rain... You Can Stay | Life Healthfully Lived

Ashley and Jes were both in town this past weekend and we made plans to head to Richardson Adventure Farm and Corn Maze on Friday.  Luckily the weather held off that day and we were able to check out their corn maze (muddy, but not terrible) and the other adventurous things the farm has (bunnyville was more of a bunny small neighborhood than a whole ville, but I mean, there were bunnies.)

The rain Saturday though canceled our plans to wander around Chicago which is kind of stinky.  I’m just glad that at least once a year we are all able to get together and catch up on everything.  Like Jes said, it’s pretty awesome that no matter how long we’re apart, we literally pick up right where we left off last time.

Love that and love them! Rain, Rain... You Can Stay | Life Healthfully Lived

Rainy Saturdays are good for meal prep and I was able to get lot’s of my stuff ready for the week then.  Lately, on Thursday’s, I’ve been planning out every single meal for the week and then making a grocery list off of that.  Then I take that grocery shopping with me Friday and make sure I get everything.

Then over the weekends, I do my best to get everything I can get ready early, so that meal times go much faster.  I feel like I’ve gotten hours back in my schedule by prepping this way.  I know that probably isn’t true, but I feel like I’m using my time more wisely and that’s translating into extra time to do other things OTHER than cook.  Always a win.

So what is on the menu this week?  Here are the things I got ready for meals: Rain, Rain... You Can Stay | Life Healthfully Lived

  • Surprise, surprise, all the vegetables.  This week I have cauliflower, turnips, mirepoix (for soup), bell peppers, red cabbage, mushrooms, leeks, and beets.
  • Sweet Potato Toast to get rolled up with my bell peppers in these egg wraps.
  • Broccoli has for stuffed sweet potatoes (same as last week, I might put this one up on the blog because it’s simple but good).
  • Baked sweet potatoes and baked acorn squash because this is apparently the fall of shoving things into baked vegetables.
  • Hardboiled eggs for the husband.
  • More veggie meatball experimentations.  Trying to figure out a ball that isn’t dry and doesn’t fall apart and is stuffed with lots of vegetables.  I think I’m getting closer… Rain, Rain... You Can Stay | Life Healthfully Lived