The Flurry of Activity

Yesterday we hit the two-week mark until Christmas.  So that means everything is about to get real crazy.  Not only do we have all the regular Christmas and holiday stuff planned, but I could be getting a new niece or nephew any day now.

Exciting times over here. The Flurry of Activity | Life Healthfully Lived

I think we’re all more than familiar with the flurry of activity that comes this time of year.  There are parties to attend, presents to be bought, family to be seen, merry to be had.  It’s just a busy time of year.  The Flurry of Activity | Life Healthfully Lived

During this busyness, we can start to let things slide.  Things like taking a moment for a deep breath.  Or remembering that most people will completely forget what you bought them for Christmas but will NEVER forget the memories you made this season.  Or the fact that it’s ok to have a Christmas cookie or two without ruining your health.

I’m not going to sit here and preach about how you need to slow down and savor the season.  We all know that’s true.  You don’t need to be told that this time is fleeting and soon we’ll be in the doldrums of winter and Christmas will be a distant memory.  You know this deep inside.  The Flurry of Activity | Life Healthfully Lived

I’m just writing this to remind you of what you already feel on a daily basis this time of year.

I’m writing to remind myself of how I want to go about this season.

I’m writing because my heart is full right now and I don’t want to forget that.

I promise I will be back to the food on Friday and off the mushy-gushy, but it’s Christmas friends.  And it’s ok to be mushy-gushy. 🙂 The Flurry of Activity | Life Healthfully Lived