Christmas Fails

I completely dropped the ball on Friday.  In case you were worried that I had fallen off the face of the earth because there was no post, have no fear.  I just totally forgot.

And at this moment, I can’t even remember why I forgot.

This is 31 friends. Christmas Fails | Life Healthfully Lived

Anyways…  This weekend was pretty fun and full of Christmas-y things.  And despite the title of this post, the fails were all in good cheer.

Friday night, I got my first flu shot ever.  I’ve never felt the desperate need to get one (please save me your reasons why I should) but because there will be a new baby round these parts soon, I decided to be a good Aunt.  After my shot, I ate pizza and watched Netflix because #awesome. Christmas Fails | Life Healthfully Lived

Saturday morning, Adam and I headed to the Naperville Christkindle Market with our friends ET and Katie.  It’s not quite as big or crowded as the Chicago one, but there were still a lot of people because it was like 50 degrees or something ridiculous.  We wandered for a bit, got our hot chocolate in souvenir mugs (plus gingerbread cookies!) and then went to lunch.  It was a lovely time.

After the market, we headed home to make Christmas cookies with my mom and sister.  This is where the fails started to pile up.  We made about 5-6 batches of different cookies and three of them failed.  Possibly a few more that we haven’t totally checked on yet.  Our sugar cookies got way too puffy, our molasses cookies got way too thin, and the cranberry bars didn’t even cook all the way.

Christmas Fails | Life Healthfully Lived

Me: This dough looks great, everything will be fine. Narrator: But everything wouldn’t be fine.

Sad but still delicious times.

We also celebrated Jo’s birthday Saturday evening with a meal of chicken pockets and mac n’ cheese.  Luckily those turned out well as did the ice cream cake I got from Dairy Queen.  I don’t think we could have survived another food failure that evening.

Christmas Fails | Life Healthfully Lived

They still tasted good…

Sunday was for relaxing and getting ready for the week.  Christmas is almost here and I am getting super excited.  Adam and I are headed downtown later today to finally enjoy our anniversary present.  Tickets to see Fiddler on the Roof.  I can’t wait!

Be on the lookout for a Christmas recipe coming your way Friday! Christmas Fails | Life Healthfully Lived

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