Brookie Cups

I almost didn’t put this recipe up because it’s barely homemade.  It’s almost a baking cheat recipe and I’m sure more serious bakers will scoff at this.

But it’s so freaking good that I don’t care.  Brookie Cups | Life Healthfully Lived

If you have never heard of a brookie before, welcome to the club my friend.  A brookie is a brownie + a cookie and it is wonderful.  I made my first brookie on Adam and I’s anniversary this year.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  It was just a wonderful combo of chocolate brownie and chocolate chip cookie.

Then I had an idea.

What if I made little individual cups of brownie and cookie so that you could get a little brookie cake-thing… all to yourself.  Because that’s what we all really want.  Our one brookie cup. Brookie Cups | Life Healthfully Lived

If you are a fancier baker than I, you could easily make these with homemade brownies and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  I took the simpler way and used box mixes for both.  I know, shame on me.  But I wanted the brookie and I wanted it fast!

However you decide to do it, you need to make these and you need to make a lot.  You can even make them festive for the Christmas season and add peppermint chips to the brownie or use sugar cookies instead of chocolate chip.  Maybe even get crazy and put gingerbread cookies in there.  The world is your tasty brookie cup.

Get to eatin’!

Brookie Cups Brookie Cups | Life Healthfully Lived

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 and line a muffin tin with paper liners.
  2. Make the brownie mix and pour some into each muffin liner.  Make sure not to fill it up all the way.
  3. Make the cookie mix.  Take about 1 tbsp of the cookie dough and roll into a ball.  Gently press each ball into the brownie batter in each liner.
  4. Bake the brookie cups for 25 minutes.  Take out and test to see if the middle is done.  If it’s still a little gooey, bake for another 5 minutes.
  5. Let brookie cups cool completely before devouring!