When Life Happens

Yesterday was the Chicago Marathon and, of course, I headed out to watch it.  I mean it’s only 1 block away from my apartment, I kind of have no excuse.  I had this eloquent post that I was going to write about the marathon and my thoughts on running and how I feel about not running as much anymore and all that wonderful stuff.  You would have loved it.  But then my cat got sick.

But then my cat got sick. When Life Happens | Life Healthfully Lived

I don’t say that as an excuse like “My dog ate my homework”.  My cat legitimately got sick as in we found blood in the litter box and I spent a good chunk of my evening in the vet emergency room.  The little guy is going to be ok, but it wasn’t a fun experience for anyone.

We didn’t get home until after 8 and all chances of writing something beautiful and thought provoking went out the window as we hastily threw together dinner and did our best to make Olaf comfortable.  I thought about just skipping a post today but then I realized this whole experience was actually a pretty good metaphor for stuff. When Life Happens | Life Healthfully Lived

Life is going to happen.  Whether you want it to or not.  Whether you plan for it or not.  Whether you’re ready for it or not.  There are very few things you can control and even though there are always variables and things that are going to pop up at the last minute.  I certainly didn’t plan for Olaf to get sick.  I didn’t plan to spend a good portion of my Sunday sitting in possibly the saddest place ever (seriously, sick pets are just depressing).  I didn’t plan to have no chance to make a real dinner, or prep food for the rest of the week, or eat almost after 9 but that is what happened.

I could have thrown a hissy fit, or gotten upset, or complained, and younger Katie probably would have done that.  But none of those things would have changed the situation.  Instead, I worked with what I had (luckily I have a freezer full of ready-made meals AND a butt ton of leftovers) and got what I needed to do done.   When Life Happens | Life Healthfully Lived

Life isn’t always easy or fun, but each situation it puts you through CAN be a teaching moment and help make you a better person.  Hopefully, it doesn’t knock you down completely flat but even if it does, I know you can pick yourself up and keep on going.

Now, who did something more fun then spend their Sunday night in a pet emergency room?  I, for sure, would love to hear about it!

When Life Happens | Life Healthfully Lived

Hopefully this sweet guy is on the mend soon!

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    • Thank you! He is finally sleeping so I think he is on the mend. Normally, I am a Debbie Downer when it comes to ruined plans but slowly with age, I think I’m finally learning to go with the flow occasionally. Definitely all a slow learning process!

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