The Struggle for Balance + Meal Planning/Prepping

Hello and Happy Monday!

You know what’s hard?  Balance.  Not just the standing in an upright position and not falling, although that can be a struggle sometimes, but life balance.  Making sure I have enough of everything and that everything I want to do gets accomplished.

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When Life Happens

Yesterday was the Chicago Marathon and, of course, I headed out to watch it.  I mean it’s only 1 block away from my apartment, I kind of have no excuse.  I had this eloquent post that I was going to write about the marathon and my thoughts on running and how I feel about not running as much anymore and all that wonderful stuff.  You would have loved it.  But then my cat got sick.

But then my cat got sick. When Life Happens | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Three Things I Want You To Know Today

1. You Can Do It Three Things I Want You To Know Today | Life Healthfully LivedNo matter what it is you’re facing, you can do it.  I don’t care if it has to do with your health, your job, school, life, food, unicorns, or finally defeating that last level in that video game you pretend you know nothing about when it comes up in conversation because you’ve wasted so many hours playing, you can do it.  It might take some hard work, a few tears, and some less than classy phrases, but know that you can do it.



2.  It’s Ok NOT To Do It Three Things I Want You To Know Today | Life Healthfully Lived  On the other hand, there are times when it’s ok to not do the thing.  In a world of social media, we are constantly getting the message that we need to do something great, something big, something more, something better and while that is awesome it can also be a little paralyzing.  Maybe everyone you know is traveling the world but you hate traveling.  Don’t feel like to be worthy you need to suddenly pack your bags and head to the Sahara Desert.  Are all your friends getting married or having babies and that’s just not where you’re at in your life?  Totally fine.  You don’t HAVE to do the thing.  It’s ok to be you and do what gives you joy.

3.  Enjoy It Three Things I Want You To Know Today | Life Healthfully Lived I took a walk yesterday because it was absolutely gorgeous out and it would have been a crime not to take a walk along the lake.  As I was walking, I started thinking about all the things that I needed to do for the week and all the things I wanted to do which of course led to thinking about where my life is going and what I want from the future and getting excited/nervous for things to come or that might not come… and then I paused.  I was completely ignoring the beauty around me at that moment.  There was a wonderful breeze, the lake was a beautiful blue-green, families were laughing and playing and eating picnics, the sun was warm on my skin but I wasn’t sweating buckets (a small miracle), and life at that moment was good.  By constantly focusing on the future we often forget to enjoy the ride.  You will get to where you need to be, I promise, but in the meantime don’t forget enjoy each moment because you don’t get them back in the end.

Sure, these might be cliche pieces of advice but sometimes you just need to hear them one more time before they sink in.

Happy Monday everyone!

Health Vs. Wellness

These two concepts are so intertwined that it’s very easy to think that they are the same thing.  If you’re healthy you’re well and if you’re well you’re healthy.Health Vs. Wellness | Life Healthfully Lived

That can be true but it can also be a lie and so many of us are busy chasing healthy that we often forget about the wellness.  I know I did.

Healthy is eating the “cleanest” or “best” food available even if you don’t enjoy it.

Wellness is eating in a way that you can sustain and brings you joy AND good health.

Healthy is slogging through another draining workout even though you hate it because it’s what you have to do to in order to be healthy.Health Vs. Wellness | Life Healthfully Lived

Wellness is finding the movement that your body loves and makes you feel full of energy and allows you to do what you want the most.

Healthy is ignoring the voice in the back of your head that is telling you you’re miserable doing this even though it’s “what’s best for your health”.

Wellness is honoring all of your thoughts and feelings and making a change in order to not only be the healthiest you but the happiest you.Health Vs. Wellness | Life Healthfully Lived

Health is so personal and we all have different versions of it.  What looks healthy for me won’t necessarily look healthy for you.  It’s important to find your healthy though so you can also find your wellness.

And don’t forsake your wellness in a dogged pursuit of health.

Your body will let you know what works and what doesn’t, you just have to listen and make adjustments.  And it’s ok if what makes you feel your healthiest isn’t what everyone else is doing.  You aren’t a failure and you aren’t doing it wrong.  This journey is going to be life long and you’ll change and adjust and tweak as you go.  Roll with this changes and give yourself what you need in that moment and your health, and wellness will thank you for it.Health Vs. Wellness | Life Healthfully Lived


The Last 12 Months

It’s typical this time of year to look back and reflect on everything that happened over the last 12 months.  Often when you start to do this, it doesn’t feel like much has happened.  But once you get going you realize that you accomplished quite a few things.  And even if you didn’t have a crazy productive year, I doubt any of you just sat in a room for 12 months staring at a wall.

The Last 12 Months | Life Healthfully Lived

Lot’s of sweaty runs down the Lake Shore Trail

You woke up every morning for 365 days.  That’s something.  You put on clothes (hopefully) and went about your routine for 365 days.  That’s something.  You fed yourself (mostly), moved around, were HUMAN for 365 days.  That is definitely something.

The Last 12 Months | Life Healthfully Lived

Lot’s of sweaty runs down the Lake Shore Trail

I am a person who constantly downplays everything I do.  If it isn’t huge or momentous, then it doesn’t really matter.  I walk around telling myself that I am just an average person, nothing special, nothing horrible, just me.

The Last 12 Months | Life Healthfully Lived

I bet I made him run.

I don’t know if it’s my deep need to please other people or my aversion to bragging, but I have a hard time seeing all the great things I have done over a period of a year.

The Last 12 Months | Life Healthfully Lived

I kind of love this city


But not this year.

Remember way back at the beginning of the year when I chose a word to define 2015?  I chose passion.  While every single day of 2015 might not have been lived with passion, I did attack my goals with a new passion.  It was tough at first to put myself out there and try new things.  What if I failed?  I hate failing and often have the mindset of if I can’t do it perfectly, I’m not going to do it at all.  It took some work to get over that frame of mind, but towards the end of the year I started taking risks and doing new things because, why not?

The Last 12 Months | Life Healthfully Lived

Look at me being a mermaid!


What’s the worst that could happen?

People could say no or not like it but it wasn’t going to kill me.  Clearly, I’m still here and I’m glad that I made the leaps of faith that I did because I have had some awesome opportunities this past year.  I have really expanded my writing, tried new things with my fitness, and worked even more on choosing to accept my body as it is in this moment.

The Last 12 Months | Life Healthfully Lived

All fancy at Jodie’s wedding


And I did it all with a passion that I don’t think I’ve used before.  Nothing is going to be handed to me and instead of sitting around and whining or saying that I’m nothing special, I chose to get up and make new paths for myself.

The Last 12 Months | Life Healthfully Lived

I make a good bed


I hope that as you look back on your 2015 you are able to see all of the amazing things that you accomplished.  Even if you didn’t scale a mountain, solve world hunger, or star in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you still did things that changed your life and brought you to this moment.

The Last 12 Months | Life Healthfully Lived

Apple Picking in October in like 60 degree weather.

I haven’t chosen a word for 2016 yet, but I will soon and I hope you’ll join me.  Enjoy the last few days of 2015 and get ready for another awesome 12 months!

The Last 12 Months | Life Healthfully Lived

Happy New Year from us weirdos!