Three Things I Want You To Know Today

1. You Can Do It Three Things I Want You To Know Today | Life Healthfully LivedNo matter what it is you’re facing, you can do it.  I don’t care if it has to do with your health, your job, school, life, food, unicorns, or finally defeating that last level in that video game you pretend you know nothing about when it comes up in conversation because you’ve wasted so many hours playing, you can do it.  It might take some hard work, a few tears, and some less than classy phrases, but know that you can do it.



2.  It’s Ok NOT To Do It Three Things I Want You To Know Today | Life Healthfully Lived  On the other hand, there are times when it’s ok to not do the thing.  In a world of social media, we are constantly getting the message that we need to do something great, something big, something more, something better and while that is awesome it can also be a little paralyzing.  Maybe everyone you know is traveling the world but you hate traveling.  Don’t feel like to be worthy you need to suddenly pack your bags and head to the Sahara Desert.  Are all your friends getting married or having babies and that’s just not where you’re at in your life?  Totally fine.  You don’t HAVE to do the thing.  It’s ok to be you and do what gives you joy.

3.  Enjoy It Three Things I Want You To Know Today | Life Healthfully Lived I took a walk yesterday because it was absolutely gorgeous out and it would have been a crime not to take a walk along the lake.  As I was walking, I started thinking about all the things that I needed to do for the week and all the things I wanted to do which of course led to thinking about where my life is going and what I want from the future and getting excited/nervous for things to come or that might not come… and then I paused.  I was completely ignoring the beauty around me at that moment.  There was a wonderful breeze, the lake was a beautiful blue-green, families were laughing and playing and eating picnics, the sun was warm on my skin but I wasn’t sweating buckets (a small miracle), and life at that moment was good.  By constantly focusing on the future we often forget to enjoy the ride.  You will get to where you need to be, I promise, but in the meantime don’t forget enjoy each moment because you don’t get them back in the end.

Sure, these might be cliche pieces of advice but sometimes you just need to hear them one more time before they sink in.

Happy Monday everyone!