Health Vs. Wellness

These two concepts are so intertwined that it’s very easy to think that they are the same thing.  If you’re healthy you’re well and if you’re well you’re healthy.Health Vs. Wellness | Life Healthfully Lived

That can be true but it can also be a lie and so many of us are busy chasing healthy that we often forget about the wellness.  I know I did.

Healthy is eating the “cleanest” or “best” food available even if you don’t enjoy it.

Wellness is eating in a way that you can sustain and brings you joy AND good health.

Healthy is slogging through another draining workout even though you hate it because it’s what you have to do to in order to be healthy.Health Vs. Wellness | Life Healthfully Lived

Wellness is finding the movement that your body loves and makes you feel full of energy and allows you to do what you want the most.

Healthy is ignoring the voice in the back of your head that is telling you you’re miserable doing this even though it’s “what’s best for your health”.

Wellness is honoring all of your thoughts and feelings and making a change in order to not only be the healthiest you but the happiest you.Health Vs. Wellness | Life Healthfully Lived

Health is so personal and we all have different versions of it.  What looks healthy for me won’t necessarily look healthy for you.  It’s important to find your healthy though so you can also find your wellness.

And don’t forsake your wellness in a dogged pursuit of health.

Your body will let you know what works and what doesn’t, you just have to listen and make adjustments.  And it’s ok if what makes you feel your healthiest isn’t what everyone else is doing.  You aren’t a failure and you aren’t doing it wrong.  This journey is going to be life long and you’ll change and adjust and tweak as you go.  Roll with this changes and give yourself what you need in that moment and your health, and wellness will thank you for it.Health Vs. Wellness | Life Healthfully Lived