Look at My Cats…. and My Weekend

You know what I’m really bad at?  Taking pictures of things other than food.  I either never remember to take pictures while doing other things or feel awkward pulling out my camera in a crowd of people.  Which is ridiculous because chances are most of them are taking pictures too.

While this isn’t a huge problem, it does mean I rarely have pictures to show you when I do my posts about my weekend.  Which is a bummer because a picture is worth a thousand words or something like that.  Look at My Cats... and My Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Chef Free Meals

I remember when I was younger and learning how to cook, my mom told me, “If you can read, you can cook.”  For the most, she’s right.  As long as you can read a recipe you can hobble together a meal.  Of course, there are fancy techniques and words and recipes that do require a little more know how, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cook. Chef Free Meals | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Life Update

You know how I wrote last week about how life happens and you just have to roll with the punches and do the best you can?  Well, life has REALLY happened this past week and I am getting a big dose of my own advice and trying my best to roll with it.

For those of you who don’t know, or haven’t seen one of my numerous cat pictures, we have three cats.  As much as I get annoyed by the people who treat their pets like babies and dress them up and prance them around, our cats really are members of our family.  Dot, our first and oldest kitty, has been in the animal hospital since Friday and it’s been a roller coaster ride. Life Update | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

When Life Happens

Yesterday was the Chicago Marathon and, of course, I headed out to watch it.  I mean it’s only 1 block away from my apartment, I kind of have no excuse.  I had this eloquent post that I was going to write about the marathon and my thoughts on running and how I feel about not running as much anymore and all that wonderful stuff.  You would have loved it.  But then my cat got sick.

But then my cat got sick. When Life Happens | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Attitude of Gratitude


Anyone else feel like there is A LOT of negativity floating around lately?  No matter where you look, something is making someone upset or someone is doing something horrible or the world is just falling apart.

Attitude of Gratitude | Life Healthfully Lived

How I feel if I pay attention too much to what’s going on in the world.

Yeah, me too.

So while the internet can be a dark whole of anger, madness, and craziness, I’m turning my tiny corner into one of happiness, rainbows, and sunshine.  There might even be a unicorn or two and there will definitely be cats.

Attitude of Gratitude | Life Healthfully Lived

Cats riding unicorns? Definitely part of my happy world

Without further ado, here are things that made me happy this weekend:

Spending some much needed time with this guy.  I was in Sycamore for the past week or so and finally got home Tuesday afternoon so this weekend was all about being together.

Attitude of Gratitude | Life Healthfully Lived

Back off ladies… This one is mine! 

We got him new glasses, which won’t be in for two weeks but I can tell you they’re pretty spiffy. Then on our way to get him some donuts because he did such a good job at the eye place (yes, he is like a small child in that sense) I found $20 on the street.  Like no joke, 20 bucks on the street.  We asked the people standing near us if it was their’s and they said no, which side note gives me hope for the human race because they could have easily lied and said yes and gotten a free $20, so there we were with an extra $20.  I don’t know what to do with it because I feel like it’s not mine but how do you return it when you have no clue how long it was on the street or where it came from?  Maybe I’ll donate it or give it to a charity or something.

Attitude of Gratitude | Life Healthfully Lived

Banana bread and hamburger buns thanks to avocados. Recipes soon!

Anyway’s, I also had some nice successes in the kitchen this weekend and it was all thanks to avocados.  I k know you can bake with avocados, and I’ve tried it a few times but I decided to go all out and try hamburger buns.  While they still need some tweaking they came out really well and they’re gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free so be looking for those in the near future.  I also tried out some banana bread with avocado and while I haven’t eaten it yet, it smells amazing.

Attitude of Gratitude | Life Healthfully Lived

Adam’s pretty sourdough loaf

Adam even got in on the kitchen action and turned out some awesome loaves of sourdough.  He has been telling me for years that he wanted to start making his own sourdough bread with his own starter and everything.  Well after we watched the Cooked documentary on Netflix (HIGHLY recommend) he made his starter and gave it a go. The first two had some…. troubles, but this batch is pretty good and I’m excited he is making his own stuff!

Attitude of Gratitude | Life Healthfully Lived

Meet Inara, our newest kitty addition!

And of course, my cats always make me happy.  Inara, our newest addition, is starting to feel more at home and actually plays with Olaf our still very kittenish cat.  This is a good thing because Dot our oldest wants nothing to do with play time and Olaf has a lot of energy to burn.  So thanks Inara for playing with your new brother!

Attitude of Gratitude | Life Healthfully Lived

Olaf and Inara… slowly becoming best friends. 

That was my weekend in a nutshell.  Full of good things, even if they are just simple things.  What about you?  What made you happy this weekend?

Attitude of Gratitude | Life Healthfully Lived

These two definitely make me happy! 

Happy Monday and happy Cubs home opener! Go Cubs Go!