Look at My Cats…. and My Weekend

You know what I’m really bad at?  Taking pictures of things other than food.  I either never remember to take pictures while doing other things or feel awkward pulling out my camera in a crowd of people.  Which is ridiculous because chances are most of them are taking pictures too.

While this isn’t a huge problem, it does mean I rarely have pictures to show you when I do my posts about my weekend.  Which is a bummer because a picture is worth a thousand words or something like that.  Look at My Cats... and My Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived

Now, you know what I do have a ridiculous amount of pictures of?  My cats.  Yup.  I am a ridiculously stereotypical cat lady and think every little thing they do is adorable.  That means I have to take a thousand pictures of them doing the adorable things even if they have done that adorable thing A MILLION TIMES.  It’s a never ending cat lady cycle and I’m ok with it.

Look at My Cats... and My Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived

You tell me how I’m NOT supposed to take pictures of this!!

So what did I do besides not take pictures of things you would be interested in and taking pictures of my cats?  Not much.  Adam ended up working most of the weekend because of a little thing called Hurricane Harvey.  Adam had to make sure models and estimates and whatever the heck else he does (I STILL DON’T KNOW SO DON’T ASK) were all up to date for his clients that were affected by this hurricane.  I started to get a little grumpy on Saturday because I wanted to go do stuff and spend time with him but then I gave myself a good talking too.  Because while it stinks that Adam had to work over the weekend, that is nothing compared to what the people in Texas are dealing with.

We did end up going to the Randolph Street Market a little later in the afternoon on Saturday, but I was unimpressed with what was there.  We went to this market a few years back when we first moved to the city and they had a ton of cool used furniture and vintage-y things and most of it was relatively affordable.  Now it seems like it’s mostly handmade goods/jewelry, which is nice…. but hella expensive.  Granted, we did go close to closing time so maybe all the cool used stuff was already sold.   But overall, it was a bit lackluster.

Sunday was spent resting, meal prepping, and cleaning like most Sunday’s around here.  Adam worked again for most of the morning/afternoon but we did get to take a long walk right before dinner.  I don’t know what it is about Sunday, but I always feel like taking really long walks.  Adam doesn’t always feel the pull for long walks but I usually drag him along anyway otherwise he would sit inside in front of a computer all day long. Really I’m being a good wife…

I liked sharing what I was prepping last week, so I thought I would make that a new Monday thing.  It can give you some ideas of what to make for your week or it can just fulfill your curiosity of seeing what we eat in our house.  Either way, here’s what I made/prepped for: Look at My Cats... and My Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived

Again, this was spread out over two days for a total of maybe two to three hours?  I also cut up some fruit and vegetables for the week and I’m working on a few blog recipes, so I have those knocking around my fridge for leftovers or quick dinners.

How was your weekend and what are you having for meals this week?