Not Moving and Spring Cleaning

While it might officially be spring, I am currently watching the snow fall out my window as I write this.  Ah spring in Chicago: Where you’re more likely to have a white Easter than a white Christmas.  Oh well, I will just pretend that it is warm and sunny out there and soon I will be sweltering in the Midwest summer.


I had the realization the other day that for the first time in about five years Adam and I are NOT looking for a new apartment and NOT moving.  This might not seem that significant, but to me it’s huge.  Every single year since I graduated from college I have moved to a new apartment.  I have written quite a few times about our moving endeavors so if you have been with me for awhile you know how much I hate moving.  It’s just the worst to sit there and pack up all your stuff, schlepp it all to a new place, and then unpack all your stuff.  I am really enjoying this time that I am not searching for a new place, then visiting those new places, and then moving to a new place.  It’s just the best.

I will move physically but I ain't moving apartments

I will move physically but I ain’t moving apartments

There is one good thing that came from us moving so frequently.  Because I didn’t want to pack and move junk that I wasn’t using we always went through all our stuff and got rid of anything that we didn’t need or use.  We would fill big black bags full of clothes to donate and load up are car with stuff that we hadn’t used in years and drive off to Goodwill to give it all away.  It always made me feel lighter and happier to unburden our house with unnecessary things.


Even though we aren’t moving, this weekend I decided to go through all of our things and do some spring cleaning.  It’s amazing how many things you accrue over a year and stash into closets and cabinets and then promptly forget.  Even though we haven’t been in our place for a full year yet, there was still a pile of clothes and things that we no longer needed.  Again it felt great to get rid of the weight of that clutter.

Get it? Clean up your food, but not with actual cleaners.  Cheesy, I know

Get it? Clean up your food, but not with actual cleaners. Cheesy, I know

Spring is a great time to not only clear out the clutter of your life but clean up your health as well.  It’s time to get tough and look critically at the food you eat.  Are you eating more sugar than normal?  Are you snacking on junk food rather than fresh food?  Are your portions way too big?  Are you eating mindlessly instead of really enjoying your food?  Take a look at what you do for exercise.  Are you really pushing yourself to the best of your ability?  Has your routine become boring so you’re just phoning it in?  Are moving in some way each day?  Do you enjoy the exercise you’re doing?

Ask yourself these questions and make sure the choices you’re making are serving your goal and helping you lead a healthier life.  It’s a good idea to spring clean your life every once in awhile to increase your happiness and success.

Get to cleaning out that closet as well as that fridge today!  Have a great Monday!