From the City to the Suburbs

Hello from yet another new home.  I think I’ve gone through about 6 or 7 moves over the life of this blog and let me just say, it still sucks.

Not the idea of moving or a new place but packing and the actual moving are the worst.  At least I’m sort of getting used to it?

From the City to the Suburbs | Life Healthfully Lived

How I wish I could pack…

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My Favorite Make Ahead Meals

Well, this past weekend was the big move.  And by big move I mean we literally moved a few blocks down the street.  Much better than moving from Sycamore to Chicago.

But still, no matter where you’re moving it tends to be stressful.  The last thing you’re thinking about is eating a healthy meal.  You just want something to shove in your mouth before you haul the next box up eight flights of stairs. Sweet Potato Egg Nests | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading