Moving + Meal Prep

No.  Adam and I didn’t move.  That would be insanity because we have only lived in our new place for five months.  I mean, I’m not saying we wouldn’t be crazy and try something like that, but we didn’t.

My sister and brother-in-law decided to move.

Moving + Meal Prep | Life Healthfully Lived

Played this game a few times on Saturday…

Well, they had an awesome opportunity and moving was the best option.  A friend of Andy’s sister owned a condo that was empty and they needed a new tenant.  They also needed a lot of work done on the condo.  Andy is INCREDIBLY handy and said that he could do the renovations and in return get a much lower rent.  The even better news? They are getting more space for way less money.  The bad news?  They have to move and we all know that moving is the worst.

But the best news is they have a lot of friends and family who love them and pitched in to help out, so the day went smoothly.  I know they are exhausted because they have been busting their butts to get the new place ready before their old lease ended and while they still have to unpack and settle in, I know their hard work will be rewarded. Moving + Meal Prep | Life Healthfully Lived

Adam and I were both a little sore yesterday (going up and down three flights of stairs thousands of times does that) but we didn’t have much to do, so we relaxed and got ready for the week ahead.

Speaking of, it’s Monday so that means meal prep stuff!  I did things a little differently this weekend.  In addition to my normal vegetable prep stuff, I made completely new stuff for dinners and a lot more than I usually tend to prep.  I’m making a few changes around here and while I’m not totally ready to talk about them (I know, such a tease), I will eventually because the changes will be reflected on my blog.

I’m not dying or pregnant, just doing some work on me.

I don’t have many links to any of my current recipes for you because most of the stuff I made is brand new.  You’ll get these recipes soon, I promise but in the meantime, I’ll link a few other things that can help your meal prep awesomeness.

Here is what I made this weekend: Moving + Meal Prep | Life Healthfully Lived

  • ALLLLL the cut veggies because I love them.  We have cauliflower (white & purple), butternut squash, bell peppers, beets (boiled and skins removed to make it easy to roast up), parsnip fries, and olives.  Seriously, if you do nothing else for meal prep, cut up some vegetables.  It makes life SO much easier.
  • Egg wraps because breakfast burritos.  I’m trying out new breakfast ideas, and these wraps from The Lean Green Bean always look amazing.  Plus, I got a new non-stick skillet and they are a breeze to make.
  • Cashew butter because it makes an awesome thickener for sauces.  I have an almond butter recipe that is delicious, but plain cashew butter is a new obsession around here.
  • Spinach-artichoke filling because I’m testing out a few new recipes using this filling.  I also have a love for all things spinach-artichoke as shown here and here. And here.
  • Baked Sweet potatoes because I can finally turn on the oven and having these already baked makes an easy dinner.  And new recipes.
  • Sweet Potato Toast because always and they will be added to my egg wrap breakfast-y burrito thing.  I’m good with words.
  • Veggie-filled meatballs because I’m working on even more new recipes.
  • Ceaser-like salad dressing because I always have dressing on hand to put on everything.  Even salads sometimes… Moving + Meal Prep | Life Healthfully Lived