From the City to the Suburbs

Hello from yet another new home.  I think I’ve gone through about 6 or 7 moves over the life of this blog and let me just say, it still sucks.

Not the idea of moving or a new place but packing and the actual moving are the worst.  At least I’m sort of getting used to it?

From the City to the Suburbs | Life Healthfully Lived

How I wish I could pack…

This most recent move was a little bit different because Adam and I were moving in with my parents.  If you remember, wayyyyy back in July Adam and I started looking at houses and were pretty close to buying one before we realized we just weren’t financially ready.  We could have done it, but one costly emergency would have done us in.  We started looking at our options and figured that in order to save our money as fast as possible and buy a house quickly, we had to drastically cut our costs.  We’re blessed and thankful that my parents had the space to take us in and were more than happy to let us live there while we start the next phase of adulting.

So this move was interesting.  We have two rooms and a bathroom in our living area and each one only has so much space.  I think we’ve figured out how to fit everything, but there are still a few odds and ends.  We are storing a bunch of our stuff that we won’t need (like kitchen things) so that does help out a little.

From the City to the Suburbs | Life Healthfully Lived

I’ll miss this view, but I’m excited for what’s to come!

Another great thing about my parent’s house is that it is one block from the train station so Adam can easily get to work and I once again work from home!  Since my dad and I have our gym in the garage, going to work consists of me walking through the backyard.  While I didn’t always enjoy the work that I did when I was working from home, I loved the freedom of being in my house.  Now I get that same freedom AND I get to do work I enjoy.  Kind of nice…

I’m sure I’ll share more of everything once we’re totally settled, but I think for now that’s it.  OH!! Major thanks to everyone who helped us move on Saturday (even those who only showed up for half 🙂 ) we couldn’t have done that without all of you!

From the City to the Suburbs | Life Healthfully Lived

About half of our wonderful moving crew!

Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start and see you Friday!