Basement Saga

Hi!  I haven’t talked to you in a while because there was no post on Monday.  In fact, I didn’t think there would be a post today, but I managed to find a few empty minutes in my day to pop in.

It’s been a rollercoaster, ya’ll. Basement Saga | Life Healthfully Lived

This past weekend, Adam and I helped my parents start the process of cleaning out their basement.  Quick background: we remodeled our house when I was a sophomore in high school.  We had to move completely out of the house for a few months and put most of our stuff in the garage and the basement.  When we moved back in, most of the stuff in the basement sat there.  For fifteen-ish years.  And more stuff was added as the years went by… Basement Saga | Life Healthfully Lived

Fast forward to present day and Adam and I are planning on living with my parents for a year while we save for a house.  In order to do that, we need some extra room in the house.  On top of that, Dad and I are running our business out of the garage and need to redo that.  So we need room for that as well.  Number one on the list before anyone can do anything?

Clean that basement.

So that has been my life since last Friday.  And will probably be my life for the next few months.  At least until we move in October.  It’s an emotionally and physically draining process for all of us, but I’m glad that it’s finally being tackled.  We’ve said for years we would get that basement clean and it’s never happened.  Nothing like a bunch of big life stuff happening to get our butts in gear! Basement Saga | Life Healthfully Lived

That being said, I’ve pretty much been spending my time either working or cleaning/organizing.  I haven’t had much time to do “extra” stuff like work on my blog and that might be the case for a while.  I will still try to pop in when I can and I have a few recipes in line for you but know that there might be days or weeks when you don’t hear from me.  I promise I’m here!  And I will get back to business once we move and things semi-settle down.

If you’re really dying for some Katie stuff, I generally keep up with my Instagram account and you can see the fun (read: simple) things I’m eating to keep myself going through this crazy season.  Otherwise, I’ll see everyone on the other side!

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