Summer Weekend

How is it almost the middle of July?  Didn’t we just start the summer?  Sorry if realizing that summer is almost half over put some of you in a panic, but better to start preparing yourself now then wake up at the end of August and remember school starts tomorrow.

Man, being an adult usually isn’t super fun but NOT having to go back to school at the end of summer is kind of nice. Summer Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived

Anyways… This past weekend we got to spend some time with family at a baptism (Congrats Brayden James!) and see Adam’s folks.  While I’m NOT a fan of the 2 hours via public transportation it takes to get to any of our family, it’s always well worth it to catch up!

Sunday was a super lazy day because it was also super humid.  Like hard to breath humid and no one wants to be doing anything on a day like that.  I did blog stuff (aka wrote this), did some work stuff, and did some of my chores like getting lunches ready and cleaning the floors.

Glamourous.  I know. Summer Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived

On another front, the home front.  That has been quite a ride.  Adam and I found a house that we really liked.  We put in an offer.  It got accepted.  We scheduled a home inspection.  We got our loan estimate.  We almost vomited at the sight of the loan estimate.  Our inspector found a major plumbing issue that could be $200 or $2,000.  It would be a surprise.  We decided to walk away from the house.  We also decided to take another year to save up our money for a house.

That was a lot of information in a tiny paragraph.  But this all literally happened in a span of less than 24 hours.  So it was quite the whirlwind of info and emotions for us.  There was one other bit of news that occurred during this time.  Because Adam and I are really ready to get a new house but our finances aren’t quite there just yet, we’ll be moving in with my parents for about a year.

Summer Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived

My face once learning how much really goes into buying a house…

I know that sounds like kind of a bummer, but it really isn’t.  It’s the best way for us to buckle down and save as much money as possible.  Plus, we aren’t lazy adult children moving back in with mom and dad so they can take care of us.  We have a goal and this is the best way for us to reach it at this point in time.

So come October when our lease is up, we will be headed to Mount Prospect.  Added bonus?  My parents live a block from the train station so Adam’s commute won’t be more than 40-ish minutes and I’ll be able to work from home again.  Dad and I have been running our business out of the garage for the summer and we kind of love it.  We’re taking steps to redo the garage and make it even better.  I’m kind of looking forward to cutting down my commute time to 30 seconds 🙂

OK.  That is all the stuff I have for you today.  Let’s recap:

  1. Summer is going by WAY too fast
  2. Time spent with family is awesome
  3. They REALLY need to teach buying a house in school
  4. 30 second commute trumps hour and a half commute 🙂

How was your weekend and what does your week look like? Summer Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived