Warmish Weather… Sort Of

In Chicago, this in-between spring and winter time can feel like the longest time of year.  One day it will be 50 degrees, the next day it will snow 2 inches, then it will be sunny and 45, and then 30 with a bitter wind off the lake.

That legitimately was the weather this week. Warmish Weather... Sort Of | Life Healthfully Lived

So while I’m aching for spring to get here so I can retire my winter jacket to the closet, I know we still have a few more weeks of unpredictable back and forth weather.

You know what isn’t unpredictable?  The ridiculousness of St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago.  It’s seriously one of my least favorite times to live in the city because it’s just full of drunk, annoying, not even a little bit Irish people.  I turn into the curmudgeonly old man whenever this holiday rolls along and shake my fist and yell at people to get off my lawn.  Or at least stop puking all over it.

True story. Warmish Weather... Sort Of | Life Healthfully Lived

Luckily, I only had to be around the masses for a short amount of time as I took the blue line back home after work.  Then I mostly avoided the drunken debauchery because I ain’t got time for that.  I DO however have time to go on a morning walk the day after and count the hungover people stumbling to brunch.  I make sure to give them a hearty good morning. 🙂

I unintentionally made some tasty green recipes this weekend including a pesto chicken roulade and a cucumber avocado salad.  I think those will need to make an appearance on the blog soon because they were simple and delicious.

Warmish Weather... Sort Of | Life Healthfully Lived

An all green dinner… the day before St. Patrick’s Day

Warmish Weather... Sort Of | Life Healthfully Lived

One of the easiest salads ever

Speaking of blog recipes, I know the things I have been posting haven’t been the most groundbreaking or fancy recipes.  But there is a good reason for that: I have zero time to be groundbreaking or fancy.  I’m sharing with you the things that I make in my kitchen on a regular basis and the meals that are getting me through the week with as much ease as possible.  I’m in a season where repeat meals aren’t only acceptable but welcome.  Just one less thing I have to think about.

So on the menu this week:

Monday- Cevapcici, roasted vegetables, and sweet potato fries for the husband.  I’ve been using a variation of Mel from Well + Fed’s recipe and I have to say it has quickly become a favorite.  Bonus: I can make it on the weekend and then just heat it up during the week.

Tuesday- Sausage Noodle Sauerkraut Casserole.  Yes, this sounds gross and weird and I don’t entirely know how I’m executing this one yet, but I have some time on Tuesday to experiment, so I will.

Wednesday- Crispy pan roasted chicken thighs, roasted vegetables, and more sweet potato fries.

Thursday- Tilapia pan-fried with a cilantro lime ghee that I whipped up with some wilty cilantro that was about to kick the bucket.  Plus roasted vegetables, obviously.

Last Friday/Saturday/Sunday- I tested out the pesto roulade thing and it was amazing, then I made Everything But the Bagel Chicken poppers again to make sure they were ready for the blog.  Sunday I roasted a whole chicken after dry-brining it and then smearing it with a ghee/shwarma paste.  Hello delicious and hello all the leftovers.  I also prepped-

How was your weekend and what are you getting ready in your kitchen this week?