Chocolate Caramel Fat Bombs

Fat bombs.  They are everywhere and you’ve probably heard of them.  It’s an awful but accurate name, because the main component in fat bombs is, well, fat.

I’ve been working on upping my fat intake and let me tell you, it’s a lot harder than I thought. Chocolate Caramel Fat Bomb | Life Healthfully Lived

I don’t fear fat.  I’m not one to think I will get fat just because I’m eating fat.  But I also thought that I was already eating plenty of fat.  I had my avocados, I loved nut butter, and I used olive/avocado/coconut oil for most of my cooking.  Yeah, after tracking my food for a few weeks (something I had never done) I found out I was still way low on fat.

But there is only so much plain fat you can shove into your day without your stomach rolling.  Enter fat bombs.  There are SO many different ways you can make these things.   Sweet, savory, fruity, chocolatey, bacon-y (yes, a real word)… Pretty much any hankering you have can be made into a fat bomb.  So I started experimenting.  I started with a fairly straightforward version and then started to branch out and see what other combinations I could come up with.

Which led me to this chocolate caramel version. Chocolate Caramel Fat Bomb | Life Healthfully Lived

When I made it, I had no idea it would taste like a chocolate caramel combo, but that’s what I ended up with and I’m sticking to it.  I didn’t add any sweetener to this, because 1. I thought it already tasted pretty sweet and 2. I’m also keeping my carbs low and sugar generally means more carbs.  Yes, I could have used Stevia but I am not a fan of the aftertaste.  If you want to add some sweet, go for it.  Honey, maple syrup, Stevia, coconut sugar all would work.  Just note that if you use a granulated sweetener, you will need to make sure it dissolves completely before pouring into molds.  Oh, and the nutrition info will change a bit.

Ok, if you’ve stuck with me this far here are the main points you should take away:

  • Fat bombs need a better name
  • I need to eat more fat
  • These taste like chocolate and caramel
  • Despite the awful name, I’m now a fan of fat bombs

I think that pretty much covers it!  Let’s make some fat bombs!

Chocolate Caramel Fat Bombs- makes 12 fat bombs Chocolate Caramel Fat Bomb | Life Healthfully Lived

For 1 fat bomb: Calories: 134 Total Fat: 13.3 g Carbs: 2.56 g Fiber: 1.6 g Protein: .8 g 

Chocolate Layer: 

  • 1/4 cup melted coconut butter NOT coconut oil (about 2 oz.)
  • 1 tbsp + 2 tsp melted coconut oil
  • 1.5 tablespoons ghee (this is the kind I used) or more coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon cacao powder

Caramel Layer: 

  • 1/4 cup melted coconut butter NOT coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp + 2 tsp melted coconut oil
  • 1.5 tablespoons ghee or more coconut oil
  • 2 tsp lucuma powder (this is what I used)

**If you want to add sweetener, at it to the pot so it has time to combine with the rest of the ingredients**

  1. Decide which layer you want on the bottom (I did caramel) and start with that first.  Line a mini muffin tin with paper liners or use a silicone mold like I did.
  2. Place the coconut butter, coconut oil, ghee, and lucuma powder into a small saucepan.  Heat over medium-low until everything is combined.  Pour an even amount into each muffin well.
  3. Put the muffin tin into the freezer while you make the second layer.  Again, place everything into the small saucepan and heat over medium-low until everything is combined.
  4. Pull out the muffin tin and if the bottom layer is hard, pour the second layer on top.  If it’s still a little soft, wait a few minutes.  Keep the muffin tin in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  5. Pop out the fat bombs and keep in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to eat!

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