A Whole Lotta Nothin’

I spent about three hours trying to write this blog.  Not because it was difficult but because I had no clue what to say.

This is the season of my life right now. A Whole Lotta Nothin' | Life Healthfully Lived

Life is interesting but it’s pretty similar week after week.  Adam and I go to work, I squeeze in errands and a few recipes here in there, we meal prep over the weekend, and then we start the whole process over again. A Whole Lotta Nothin' | Life Healthfully Lived

I know we are building a brighter future for ourselves and I’m excited about everything that’s on the horizon.  If that means less interesting Monday blog posts then that’s what it means for right now.

I do have some menu planning ideas for you though, because what would Monday be without a little meal prep?

Here is the Dawson menu for this week:

  • Monday- Leftover pulled pork with roasted broccoli, pasta for Adam, and spinach for me.  I might also make some sweet potato fries for the husband because I am an awesome wife.
  • Tuesday- Chicken sausage & shrimp in lemon butter sauce.  Adam will have it over pasta and I’ll have it over shirataki noodles.  Oh, and roasted vegetables.
  • Wednesday- Cast iron curry chicken thighs and spinach.  I love cooking thighs in the cast iron because it’s so quick and makes the skin extra crispy.
  • Thursday- Pan-seared ocean perch with green beans.  I’m still not a huge fan of ocean perch but I still have some left so I’ll suck it up and eat it.

No plans for Friday or Saturday dinner yet, but I’m working on a few new recipes like Chili Dog Casserole, Chip-Less Nachos, Everything But the Bagel Chicken Poppers, and simple Roasted Cornish Game Hens.  What would you like to see first?

Oh, other things I made this weekend:

  • Roasted artichokes
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Meal prep lunches
  • Fat bombs (I made a new version but you should def check out these ones)
  • Marinated olives 
  • Macadamia Cream Cheese (I followed this recipe but instead of chives I used Greek Seasoning. YUM!)
  • Macadamia nut butter (roasted raw macadamia’s at 325 until lightly brown and then blended until smooth with 1 tsp salt.)
  • Baked Oatmeal Bars with bananas instead of cranberries