Keep Pushing

The tired is real.  Really real. Keep Pushing | Life Healthfully Lived

We are two weeks away from moving day and it can’t come soon enough.  After not being home for at least 3 weeks over the last 6ish weeks, I’m now in crunch time to get everything squared away before we move.

So, instead of stress out over everything, I’m going to keep up with my meal prep, do at least some kind of movement that makes me happy each day (lately it’s been walks), and listen to good music.  Because music has been helping me push through these past few weeks and keeping me sane.

Wanna know what I’ve been listening to?  Of course you do! Keep Pushing | Life Healthfully Lived

Here’s what’s been on repeat over here:

Hamilton: Forever and always.  I seriously listen to this once a day and I’m still not satisfied.  I can’t wait to finally see it July 12th!!

Moana: Keeping the whole Lin Manuel-Miranda thing going, I’m obsessed with this soundtrack.  The music is fun and upbeat and completely singable.  I’ve also gotten Adam hooked on this soundtrack and he listens to “Shiny” multiple times per day

Beauty and the Beast: My dad took my sister and I out on a daddy-daughter date to see the new version opening weekend and I loved it.  Go see it, even if you aren’t a Disney fan, this is an awesome movie.  Whenever I listen to “Evermore” I get teary.  So good!

Mac Powell ‘Southpaw’: Mac Powell is the lead singer of the band Third Day and I just love his voice.  Deep and growly and country.  A few years back he released his first solo album and it was a country album.  I just got it on Thursday and I’ve been listening to it non-stop.  If you’re a fan of country music you’ll like this one.  It’s fun and I can’t help but sing along to most of the tracks but I really love “Sittin’ Here With You“.

Music has always helped me get through the stressful times and I’ll definitely be turning to it often during the home stretch here.  Come April 17th though I’m pretty sure I’m going to book a nice long vacation…..

What music are you listening to non-stop lately?