Gluten AND Dairy Free Calzone

A few weekends ago, I wanted a pizza.  No.  Strike that.  I NEEDED PIZZA.  The craving had been building ever since we moved and walked past a Giordanos on our way to get dinner one night.  The smell that wafted out of there wrapped around me and wouldn’t let me go.  I had to have pizza and even seriously considered going through severe gastrointestinal discomfort just to have it.

But then I remembered the last time I had dairy.  It was NOT a pretty picture and while I can laugh about it now (who wouldn’t laugh about spending the entire night on the toilet?!) it isn’t an experience I’m anxious to have again.  Gluten & Dairy Free Calzones | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Stopping In


Stopping in to apologize for such a late post AND for the fact that this week will be a bit wonky.

My mom is having surgery today (planned NOT a random surprise) and I will be taking care of her for the next week.  The woman did birth me, raise me, and tend to my every need for years so the least I can do is take care of her for a week 😉

Anyways, I will try to keep up with my regular posts but if they’re late or don’t come at all that’s why.  I hope you had an excellent weekend and a super week ahead!

Stopping In | Life Healthfully Lived

Taking Some Time


Sorry for the lack of posts today and Friday, but right now other things are calling my attention.

I’ll be back to my regular posts soon and I have a lot of new recipes to share with you.  But for now, hug the ones you love, enjoy the sunny days when they come around, and eat lots of yummy food.

Especially if it’s healthy 🙂 Taking Some Time | Life Healthfully Lived