Soup for Days

For some reason, I am on a soup kick over here.  It’s souper (see what I did there?) easy to make and I can usually throw it in the crockpot at the beginning of the day and have dinner ready by the time I’m done with work.

Soup For Days | Life Healthfully Lived

Best soup commercial ever.

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Hot Day Recipes

We’ve reached the part of summer where there are more hot days than not hot days.  We’ve also reached the part of summer where it is just hot all the time.  It doesn’t cool off once the sun goes down and just gets hotter the minute the sun comes up.

But hey, at least we don’t have to shovel snow.

When these days hit I quickly lose motivation to do most things.  Moving in any way, shape, or fashion is just NOT appealing.  Walk to the bathroom? I’ll just hold it.  Change out of my PJ’s? Eh, they look good enough to pass for real clothes.  Make a meal?

Yeah. No.

When it gets too hot to think about cooking, I usually start relying heavily on cold meals like salads or gazpacho as well as using my slow cooker more often.  I know we always associate the slow cooker with cold weather but it is my unsung summer champ.  I can cook a ton of meals in there that I would normally do in the oven and NOT heat up my entire apartment.  Major bonus.

Alright, enough talking about the heat because it is just making me sweat more.  Here are my go-to hot day recipes: Hot Day Recipes | Life Healthfully Lived

Quick & Simple Gazpacho

Slow Cooker Cauliflower Pesto Mac N’ Cheese

Vichyssoise with Garlic Chive Drizzle

Zoodle Carbonara

Quick Lettuce Tacos

Avocado & Corn Gazpacho

Green Summer Rolls with Balsamic Reduction Dip

Slow Cooker Italian Beef

Toffee Pecan Ice Cream

Herb & Garlic Chicken Thighs


Even though I publicly professed my approval of chicken boobs a while back, I will never let go of my love of chicken thighs.  They are delicious, pretty cheap, and no matter how you cook them, they stay nice and juicy.

My usual plan of attack when it comes to chicken thighs?  Make them in the Instant Pot and just change up the flavors I add to keep things simple but interesting/tasty.  Which if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen the endless parade of shredded chicken bowls.

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