Surprise Day Off

I had a rare two days off this week and it was glorious.  Wednesday was the 4th and we spent it with family trying not to drown in a pool of sweat and eating all the grilled things.  Thursday I got a surprise day off and I was able to get a lot of behind the scenes work done.

Twas a good two days.

Surprise Day Off | Life Healthfully Lived

Allll the grilled meat please

Between the whole house hunting/buying process and work, both Adam and I are kind of running on empty.  There hasn’t been much time for fun things or even just good old-fashioned lazy do-nothing time.  A lot of chores and projects and whatnot have fallen by the wayside and we are just doing what we can to make it through each day.

Surprise Day Off | Life Healthfully Lived

Andy selflessly saving seats for us in the shade so we don’t melt while watching the parade. We still sweated profusely.

Luckily, this weekend we have absolutely nothing to do.  I am looking forward to ACTUALLY meal-prepping some stuff, creating a few new recipes for the blog, and just sitting.

Sitting would be nice.

Surprise Day Off | Life Healthfully Lived

Andy living his best 4th of July life

But before we get to that point, we have a few more hurdles to cross.  Mainly work.  Because after two days off it’s time to try and be an adult for a little while longer before I’m a lazy hermit hiding from the world.  Balance people, balance.

So here’s to hoping your Friday is fantastic and you get plenty of you time this weekend because you time isn’t selfish, sometimes it’s necessary.

Surprise Day Off | Life Healthfully Lived

Happy Sweaty Selfie 4th of July!

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