Surprise Day Off

I had a rare two days off this week and it was glorious.  Wednesday was the 4th and we spent it with family trying not to drown in a pool of sweat and eating all the grilled things.  Thursday I got a surprise day off and I was able to get a lot of behind the scenes work done.

Twas a good two days.

Surprise Day Off | Life Healthfully Lived

Allll the grilled meat please

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4th of July Festivities

It’s weird when the 4th of July lands on a Tuesday.  Your whole week is all wonky.  You lose track of time.  You wonder what day it is when you wake up.  Do I have to work today?  Who knows?

Other than being completely out of it, Adam and I had a great time these past four days.  I always enjoy when he gets time off work and we get to be together 24/7.  Not sure if he feels the same way, but he’s stuck with me so he’ll get over it! 4th of July Festivities | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading