All the Sweat & Fireworks

You know it’s gonna be a sweaty one when it’s already 80 something degrees by 9 o’clock in the morning.  This weekend was quite the sweaty one, but it was all worth it because I got to sweat with some awesome people! All the Sweat | Life Healthfully Lived

Adam and I headed to Indiana Friday after work so we could spend the weekend with his folks.  We don’t get nearly enough time with them and usually when we do see them, there is a ton of work to do.  Not this time.  We got to relax and enjoy 4th of July festivities Leo, Indiana style.

On Saturday morning, we headed over to the Artisan Fair right near my in-law’s house.  There were vendors selling homemade goods, a little farm stand, and cute little boutique-like shops along the way.  Even though it was ridiculously sweaty, it was fun to see the little town.

After cooling off in the air conditioning for a bit, we headed to the park across the street where a bunch of food trucks had set up.  Sidenote: the park was awesome.  Not only did it have a splash pad and regular park stuff, it had all these cool musical instrument things you could play.  I think all parks should have musical instruments.

All the Sweat | Life Healthfully Lived

The ONE picture I have from this weekend… and I didn’t even take it and it wasn’t even with my phone. I’m awesome at this guys.

Unfortunately, most the food trucks weren’t open we went over so the boys grabbed a quick taco snack and some chicken wings and we retreated to the air conditioning once again.

At this point in the day, I was exhausted.  Why?  Because the stress and anxiety over buying a house have been putting a MAJOR damper on my peace of mind.  You know what you don’t really realize until you’re in the middle of it?  How freaking complicated it is to buy a house.  There are so many steps and papers and legal things and mumbo-jumbo to go through when all you want to do is give someone some money to live in a house that isn’t an apartment.  All the Sweat | Life Healthfully Lived

At least that’s what I want.

So after getting some things ready for dinner later, I napped.  I napped hard.  I think I was out cold for about a good two hours.  I woke up feeling slightly better but I think I will need a few more nights of good rest to finally feel back to normal.

The rest of the evening was spent grilling tasty food, laughing with friends and family, watching fireworks without leaving the backyard, setting off our own fireworks (sparklers and Roman candles for this lady), and just enjoying time together.

Sunday was spent traveling back home and doing a few things to get ready for the week.  But mostly it was just hanging out and trying not to think about buying a house.  It didn’t work very well because we’re ALWAYS thinking about buying a house.  Hopefully, that comes to an end soon… All the Sweat | Life Healthfully Lived

How was your weekend?  Have you ever bought a house?  Did it make you want to constantly cry?  Please tell me good things so I don’t feel like an anxious ball of stress!