Life & Dump Meals

Life is once again happening in the Dawson household and I’m doing my best to hang on and ride this wave out. Life & Dump Meals | Life Healthfully Lived

The last few days of our vacation Adam started to feel a little off.  By the time we were driving home, we knew he was sick.  Tuesday morning he headed to the doctor and found out he had the flu.  Yay….

Life & Dump Meals | Life Healthfully Lived

Happier non-flu times…

It’s already tough to get back into the swing of things after a vacation but taking care of a sick husband while trying to keep yourself healthy and do all the other regular things is quite the challenge.

This is where dump meals have been saving the day.  I literally dump whatever I have in the fridge/freezer/pantry into my slow cooker or Dutch oven and call it good enough.  Sometimes it’s soup, sometimes it’s stew, sometimes it’s chili, sometimes it’s a surprise.  I don’t follow a specific recipe just add whatever is around, throw in some spices/seasoning/flavor and serve it up come dinner.

Life & Dump Meals | Life Healthfully Lived

Some kind of soup. It was delicious and kind of ugly.

Is it elegant?  No.  Will I be adding these recipes to the blog?  Probably not.  Do these meals help me keep my sanity and accomplish my massive to-do list?  You betcha.

I promise I have new recipes for the blog.  I promise I have fun ideas for holiday meals.  I promise they will eventually make their way to your computer screen.  But for now, dump meals is where I’m at and that’s ok.

Life isn’t all pretty recipes and curated blog posts.  It’s making your husband his 40th cup of tea, making sure he eats all his soup, and keeping the household semi-functioning.  Soon I will create a pretty meal again and share it with you but until then, Imma eat this dump meal and enjoy it!

Life & Dump Meals | Life Healthfully Lived

Do it for the guac. Guac makes everything better.