Tacos & Arcade Games

I’m seriously the worst at taking pictures during events.  Either I’m so caught up in what I’m doing that I forget or I just feel weird whipping out my phone to take pictures of people/things.

Blogger fail. Tacos & Arcade Games | Life Healthfully Lived

This weekend was full of fun stuff and was exactly what both I and the husband needed.  He’s pretty much been working non-stop since Hurricane Harvey hit, including weekends, so this was the first weekend where Adam hasn’t had to do anything.  Which was awesome because it was also taco fest in Lakeview.

Taco fest happens every year and brings together local restaurants and showcases their taco offerings.  Basically, you get to shove your face full of tacos and enjoy your neighborhood.  It’s perfect.  We’ve gone every year we’ve lived here and usually invite friends to come out and join us.  This year our friends ET and Katie came out and we happily ate our way through several tacos.  It was unusually warm Saturday (like almost in the 90’s) so it was quite sweaty whilst we put tacos in our face.

After we had our fill of tacos, we made our way to Headquarters Beercade.  The simple explanation?  Beer and arcade games.  The long explanation?  Beer and arcade games.  Headquarters has all your favorite vintage arcade games all in one spot.  Even better?  You don’t have to pay to play them.  I mean, you pay for the booze but most of the games are free.  Now, I never really played arcade games as a kid except for pinball at my piano teachers house and a few rounds of Ms. Pacman occasionally.  I was a little worried that I would be the odd man out because my husband and his friends are all arcade/video game aficionados.

Turns out I’m not half bad at video games.

I mean, don’t sign me up for any arcade tournaments anytime soon (do those exist) but I’m not a complete disgrace.  It was really fun and a great way to spend the afternoon!

Sunday was full of relaxing and getting things ready for the week.  Adam is traveling to Virginia this week, so I don’t need as much food in the house but I still prepped some things to make my life easier.  I’ve also been testing a ton of new recipes lately, so my freezer is full of delicious things that should be making their way to the blog soon. Tacos & Arcade Games | Life Healthfully Lived

Here is what I prepped for my week:

  • Coconut Milk because I’m working on a new dairy-free milk that WILL involve pumpkins.  Fair warning: there will be lots of pumpkin this fall.  As it should be.
  • Quick Chia Jam because cherries and strawberries were on sale and I wanted some jam for smoothies.
  • Swiss Chard & Cherry Salad because I wanted the avocado dressing and I had cheap cherries to use up.  Oh, and greens are good for you blah blah blah.
  • Cashew Cream Cheese because I’m working on an appetizer that uses this and I usually have sweet potato toast in the morning as a snack.
  • Quick & Simple Gazpacho because even though we had beautiful fall weather a few weeks ago, summer decided to come back with a vengeance and it has been hot and humid.  But I still want soup so gazpacho it is.  Plus, this is stupidly easy to make and have on hand.
  • Green Summer Rolls because these go really well with the gazpacho.  I made the filling stuff and I’ll put everything together right before dinner.
  • Butternut Squash & Black Bean Enchiladas because I’m making a new enchilada recipe for the blog.  It’s not exactly like this one, but this is still a good meal prep dinner because you can make everything a few days before then just pop it in the oven when you’re ready to eat.
  • Gluten AND Dairy Free Calzones because I’ve been watching Parks & Rec and I love Ben Wyatt and he loves calzones.  Also, I totally turned this into a deep dish pizza by just using a pie tin instead of a regular pizza pan.
  • Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies because I felt like having some cookies around, ok?

How was your weekend and what did you make for your week?