4th of July Dessert Round-Up

Hey there ho there!  Why did I just say that?  Who am I anymore?  Don’t answer that.  I thought I would stop in real quick to give you some dessert ideas for 4th of July because what better way to celebrate our country than with dessert?

We just got back from North Webster yesterday where we celebrated the holiday with Adam’s stepdad’s family and later today we’re headed to Mount Prospect to have a cookout with my parents.  It’s been a busy few days but it’s also been great spending time with my family.  I’ll do a full recap on Wednesday but let’s get on to the real reason you’re here.


4th of July Desserts 4th of July Dessert Round-Up | Life Healthfully Lived

Cherry-Lime Popsicles– This is one of the easiest desserts because you blend everything together and then throw it in the freezer.  Voila! A cool treat for a hot day.

Key Lime Popsicles– I usually make this at least five times during the summer because it amazes me how much this popsicle tastes like key lime cheesecake.  It takes a little more time than other popsicles, but this refreshing dessert is worth it.

Toffee Pecan Ice Cream– There are no words for this one.  It’s. So. Good.  Make it and try not to eat it all.

Individual Cherry Basil Cobbler– I love that everyone gets their own little pie.  Great dessert if you’re hosting a crowd and you can make them ahead of time and freeze them, so that’s one less thing you have to do.

Any Fruit Crisp– My favorite way to use in-season fruit during the summer.  This recipe works for any fruit and it turns out great every time.

Coconut Whip Cream– You’re going to need something to top all that pie with, right?

Happy 4th of July friends! 4th of July Dessert Round-Up | Life Healthfully Lived