My Favorite Camping Recipes

Adam and I are off to our first camping trip of the summer and I am super pumped.  I know camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s nice to head outside and get away from our phones and computers and TV for just a few days.  Plus, I get to cook over an open fire and somehow, everything is just tastier.  My Favorite Camping Recipes | Life Healthfully Lived

When Adam first suggested we start camping, I was a little nervous.  I had been camping but never regularly and I was like, “What are we going to eat?”  Oh silly Katie.  Because the answer to that question is pretty much anything.  Sure, I have to get a little creative with how I cook things but there really isn’t a limit to what we eat while camping.

Whether you’re an experienced camper looking for new recipes or heading out on your first trip, here are a few ideas.

Camping Recipes My Favorite Camping Recipes | Life Healthfully Lived

Sweet Potato Hash– This is our go-to camp breakfast and I think my husband’s favorite meal while camping.  Just throw a few fried eggs on top and you’re good to go.

Chilaquiles– Another good breakfast option but also a tasty dinner after a long day of hiking.

Mexican Sloppy Joes– This was a random recipe I made up on the fly for our first camping trip.  Turned out tasty enough to make it to the blog!

Kitchari– Just use lentils and a bag of frozen cauliflower rice and this is really easy to make over a campfire.

Hobo Skillet Casserole–  You can omit the pasta if you don’t have a propane cooktop or a way to cook them over the fire.  Just cover the skillet with a little foil to create an oven or add more liquid and make it a stew.

Any Fruit Crisp–  If you want to get a little fancy, you can make a fruit crisp for dessert.  Cook everything in a skillet covered with a little foil and voila!