Hodge Podge

This is gonna be a short and sweet post because this weekend has been busy and this week is about to be busier.  We’re going camping again next weekend which means on top of all my regular work I have to get everything ready.  We’re headed to the Indiana dunes this time and looking forward to enjoying the last bit of summer. 

Because things are sort of a hodge podge here at home this post is going to be a bit of a hodge podge too.  Just go with it because it’s fun to say hodge podge.  Everybody now:

Hodge Podge

Things I’ve done lately: 

Ever since we’ve moved to Chicago we have lived in the same apartment.  This might not seem that amazing but considering before that we moved once a year for about 5 years it’s nothing short of a miracle.

Which is why we’re moving!

Not far and not this second but once our current lease is up we’re going to look for a new place in the city.  This apartment was a great start for us since we didn’t know the neighborhoods that well when we first got here but now that we know the ropes we’re ready to branch out and move up a little.  We love our neighborhood and if we can find another place within our price range we’ll stay close but we do want to try and get more for our money.

And have more than two windows and a closet for a kitchen.  Oh and a place that allows dogs.  That’s a requirement because I have waited long enough 🙂 Anyone have any suggestions…. Hodge Podge | Life Healthfully Lived

Hodge Podge | Life Healthfully Lived

Dull, sure but not absolutely horrible…

What does this have to do with anything?  We spent this past weekend painting our dining room and kitchen back to boring old white.  We figured it would be easier to do it now rather than wait until right before we move.  We also painted our pantry so it wouldn’t be super dark against the plain white.

Hodge Podge | Life Healthfully Lived

When we first bought it and stained it….

Hodge Podge | Life Healthfully Lived

… and now painted a more neutral color. I actually really like this now.

It’s really boring in here but it’s not for too long and at least the white makes it seem a little lighter in my darkened cave.

Things I’ve been making lately: 

Weekday dinners have all been about using what I have on hand and getting things on the table as quick as possible.  That means these lettuce tacos have been on repeat as well as the pizza muffins I just posted and lentil loaf.  Boring, but it gets the job done. Hodge Podge | Life Healthfully Lived

I’m working on new stuff too including a quick soup (I know!  Soup already) coming your way this week.  I also have a sandwich experiment in the works and something baked and cheesy.  Get excited.

Things I’ve been browsing lately: 

I like keeping up with other bloggers and seeing how they’re being awesome in their kitchens and life.  A few I have been obsessing over lately are:

Kath Eats Real Food

I Heart Vegetables

GAB Strength

Cotter Crunch

These ladies are always spot on with their recipes and posts and they make me happy.  And hungry!

Things I’ve been lifting lately: 

Fitness Blender weight workouts.  They are awesome, they work, and they make me happy.  I won’t go on and on about Kelli and Daniel because I’ve done it before (a few times) but they are putting out great content and I can’t rave about them enough.

So that’s what’s going on over here.  A lot of random stuff but it’s good stuff.  It’s going to be a little busy here for awhile but the upcoming holiday season usually is busy so I’ll embrace it.

I hope you had a good weekend and didn’t have to paint your dining room a boring white. See you Wednesday!