Healthy Fast Food: Is There Such a Thing?

A few weeks ago, I posted this article over on my Facebook page.  A reporter for Business Insider decided to eat a fast food diet for an entire week.  The catch?  She would only choose the healthy options at each place.

More and more, fast food restaurants are adding things like kale salads, quinoa, and overall healthier items.  Their customers are demanding better food and they’re trying to deliver.  But are they really? Sometimes the healthy option is actually worse than their regular fair.Healthy Fast Food: Is There Really Such A Thing? | Life Healthfully Lived

I totally understand how it sounds complaining about fast food.  Everyone does it.  They are an easy target.  It’s simple to point at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King and say, “You’re what’s wrong with our health and obesity problem.”  There have been countless documentaries, news stories, articles, and research dedicated to this theory.  I don’t want to add more noise to the crowd with this.

I just want you to really think about your own life and your food choices.Healthy Fast Food: Is There Really Such A Thing?

Is a McDonald’s kale salad really fulfilling your nutrition needs or are you getting it because it’s convenient and you think it’s what you should get?  How often are you getting fast food, healthy options or not?  Does your body feel as good as it possibly could?  Do have energy to get through your day, exercise in some form, and enjoy your hobbies?

These are the thoughts that should go through your mind each time you sit down to a meal and yes, please try to sit down for your meals.  More often than not, I’m going to guess eating anything at a fast food joint isn’t going to leave you feeling as satisfied as a homemade meal.  Like the reporter in the article found, she actually wasn’t eating enough at each meal and she was eating way too much salt.  Fast food isn’t meant to really nourish your body.  It’s meant to be, well, fastHealthy Fast Food: Is There Really Such A Thing? | Life Healthfully LivedHealthy Fast Food: Is There Really Such A Thing?

If you get the majority of your meals in the form of fast food, I’m not saying you’re a bad person or unhealthy.  I just want you to think about your options.  Could you possibly make some of the things you’re eating in your own home?  Making your own food is always going to be better for you than getting it from somewhere else.  It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, just a little meal prep and you could be eating your own kale salad for lunch instead of relying on McDonald’s. Healthy Fast Food: Is There Really Such A Thing?

I get it.  Fast food is easy and cheap.  You don’t have to think too much about it.  But maybe you should.  You might see a big change, not only in your waistline, but your whole well-being.