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It’s that time of the month on my blog!  Time to feature someone who has totally turned their health around.  I love these posts because the people in them are real people have done simple things to make themselves better.  They have put in the work and deserve to be recognized for the transformation they have undergone.  You can read about Jim and Alexander here.
September Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully LivedThis month it’s all about Jamika.  Jamika and I lived in the same dorm back at NIU, good old Neptune North.  While we didn’t hang out much, I always remember her with a smile on her face and usually singing!  She was just a person who exuded happiness and it usually was contagious.  Over the years, we obviously went out separate ways but Facebook meant that I could see what she was up to and boy was she up to a lot!September Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived

She really turned her health around and all her hard work was showing.  I love that she didn’t do anything crazy, just started to move in ways that she enjoyed and eat food that was better for her health.  And her results speak for themselves!

Name and Age:

Jamika Edwards 26September Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived

What did you weigh before and how much weight have you lost?

I started at 333 lbs and have lost 125 1lbs

What made you want to turn your health around?

Honestly, it was a spiritual thing. I wanted to strive to be more more like God and I felt that becoming more disciplined in my health was a good start.

What did a typical day look like before you changed?

MySeptember Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived days were pretty standard just with a lack of intentionally working out. I also made a lot more unhealthy food choices. I ate chips usually every day.

What was your goal when you first started?

My initial goal was to just get below 300lbs.

What did you do to change your diet and lifestyle?

In college, one of my friends became my personal trainer and accountability for my eating changes. I initially cut all processed sugars and bread out of my diet and I just grew from there.September Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived

What does a typical day look like now?

At night, I usually pack/plan my 3 meals for the coming day. I tend to take stairs more than elevators and I work out/dance for about 2hrs 4 times a week.

Who has been your biggest support?

My mom and my friends have been my biggest support.

What was the hardest thing to change?
September Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully LivedThe hardest thing to change is planning all of my meals and not being able to eat what everyone else does.

Who or what is your motivation?

GodSeptember Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived is my first motivator and my second is the thought of my family to come: husband (She got engaged over Labor Day weekend!) and children.

How do you stay motivated every day?

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated but I always go back to my original inspiration, God, and I keep pushing.

What is your biggest struggle now?

MySeptember Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived biggest struggle now is not becoming complacent in my progress and not eating sweets lol (cookies are my nemesis)

What are your goals now?
My goals now are to tone up and gain  more definition

What is your advice to those who are just starting to lose weight?

My advice is to embrace your personal journey and not base your success off of someone else. I also encourage individuals to have a goal and inspiration that goes beyond outside affirmations. Having at least one person that you can be 100% transparent with is essential because there will be many times of feeling defeated but that person should remind you that you are notSeptember Health Feature: Jamika Edwards | Life Healthfully Lived.

I love that she told someone her goals and had them keep her accountable.  It can be so easy to fall off the wagon if you try to do this alone.  I also like that meal prep is a big part of her routine.  If you just take a few minutes to plan out your day before hand you have a better chance of succeeding.  See?  Simple things that lead to big results.  Thank you Jamika for sharing your story and keep up the awesome work!

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Have a great Monday everyone!

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