DIY Wednesday: Coconut Whip Cream

FullDIY Wednesday: Coconut Whip Cream | Life Healthfully Lived Disclosure:  I do NOT like whip cream.  I know, I know, I’m not American, but it’s a texture thing for me.  For some reason, I don’t like the way whip cream feels in my mouth.  Yes, I’m a weirdo and I’m ok with that.

Second Full Disclosure: I did NOT come up with this recipe.  There are plenty of blogs/websites out there that have this recipe but I wanted to share it with you guys to show you how easy it is to make your own whip cream.

When you think about it, the method to this is right there in the name.  You are just whipping cream.  Fresh whipped cream can be a beautifully simple thing and it’s fun to watch cream turn into something light and fluffy.  Unfortunately, many people rely mostly on cans or tubs of whip cream and that’s where things get messy.

Fresh whip cream is meant to be eaten right away and not stored for a long period of time.  In order to make the whip cream sold in stores have a longer shelf life, chemicals and preservatives are added.  Things like stabilizers, gums, sugar are all used to make sure you can use your whipped cream for a long period of time.  Luckily, it’s really easy to make your own whipped cream and you don’t have to add any questionable ingredients.  This recipe is even better because those of you who have/choose to avoid dairy can still enjoy this dessert topping.

Add it to berries for a simple dessert, try it on top of your favorite cobbler or crisp, put some in your yogurt and create a parfait, or use it on your banana split.  You can use this whip cream just like store bought and feel better about the ingredients and the cost!

DIY Coconut Whip Cream

DIY Wednesday: Coconut Whip Cream | Life Healthfully Lived

  • 1 can full fat unsweetened coconut milk, chilled overnight in the fridge
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  •  1 tsp vanilla extract, optional
  1. Place your can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight so it can chill and create the cream.

    DIY Wednesday: Coconut Whip Cream | Life Healthfully Lived

    Pour off that liquid on the top…

  2. Open the can from the bottom and pour out the liquid into a cup or bowl and set aside.  Scoop out the cream and place into a large bowl or into the bowl of your mixer.  Add in the maple syrup and optional vanilla extract.

    DIY Wednesday: Coconut Whip Cream | Life Healthfully Lived

    …and scoop out the cream on the bottom.

  3. Using a hand mixer, immersion blender, or stand mixer, whip the coconut cream until it is light and fluffy.
  4. Use the whipped cream right away. It will last a few hours in the fridge but not much longer than that.DIY Wednesday: Coconut Whip Cream | Life Healthfully Lived

What is your favorite thing to top with whip cream?