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Happy New Year!  I hope that all of you have had a great holiday season and you are ready to get going on 2015!  I was able to spend some quality time with family this week and enjoyed having my husband around while he was on break from work.  Now it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled program and I have so many things to share with you!

I’ve never really been one to make resolutions, but I do like having goals that I am working to achieve.  I wanted to share some of my goals here on the blog because it’s helpful to have a place where you can be kept accountable as well as stating your goals out loud.  So here are my 2015 goals.

Keep working on balance.

I started this a few months ago, but it is something that I am still working on.  I want to be more balanced in my life.  For so long when it came to my health I was super strict.  I had to be or else I would have gone right back to my old habits.  Now that I have gotten to a place in my life that I am happy with my health, I don’t have to be as rigid in my habits.  If I don’t run every day, I won’t lose any ground.  If I decide to eat more than I normally do, I won’t immediately gain weight.  If I take a few days of rest, I won’t slip back into my old habits.  Life happens and I want to be able to enjoy it and roll with the punches and not feel like I am losing everything that I have worked for.  I’m doing better but I want to improve throughout the year.

Make a fitness goal. 

Looking back I have never really made a fitness goal other than work out.  So this year I want to make a fitness goal and then work towards achieving it.  There are two things that I want to do this year.  The first is to run a race with a family member.  For me running has been a very solitary sport, and in some aspects I really like that.  I like the peace that I find out on the trail early in the morning.  I can sort out my thoughts and just enjoy the quiet.  But I would love to be able to share my passion for running with people who are close to me.  My second fitness goal is to run a half marathon.  Ultimately I want to run a marathon, but I think a half would be a good place to start.  I’m aiming for the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in July, so check back to see how I’m doing on that!

Expand the blog

This summer I did a relaunch of my blog and made it a little more user friendly.  I want to keep growing though and be able to reach more people and help them towards their health goals.  I’m going to add more recipes and simple tips that I use for being healthier.  I’m also going to start adding short videos that show how to make some delicious and healthy meals.  My ultimate goal for this blog is to help show people that it doesn’t have to be hard/complicated/expensive to be healthy.  By adding more tips and videos that can showcase this, I think that I will be better able to serve my readers.

Grow my knowledge

I haven’t been in a formal classroom setting for about four years now and while I’m not jumping up and down to return, I am finding myself wanting to learn more about things I love.  A few months ago I became certified in sports nutrition and I really enjoyed that.  I want to expand on that and better educate myself so that I can better help others.  I am looking into becoming certified in nutritional therapy as well as getting a plant-based nutrition certification.  The more I know the more I can share and help you!

Share the wealth

One of my final and biggest goals for 2015 is to start working one on one with people.  Of all the aspects of being healthier, cooking and food are definitely my passion.  I want to start working with people to help teach them how to cook healthier for their everyday lives.  I’ve been teaching myself and honing my own kitchen skills over the years and I think that it’s time for me to share that with you!  I will be working on this for the next few weeks and once I have a solid plan ironed out I will make sure that you are the first to know!

So that’s what my 2015 is going to entail.  I have a lot of big goals and dreams that I want to accomplish and I am excited to start working on making those happen.  I hope that by making these all public it will help me stay accountable and get things done!

How about you?  Do you have any goals for your year that you want to share?


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