Needs Vs. Wants

It seems like a simple concept.  A need is something you have to have to keep going.  A want is something you would like to have, but isn’t necessary to continue going.  You need air.  You want a brand new car.  On the surface it can look like a very simple thing to figure out.  Unfortunately, rarely are things that cut and dry.  Needs and wants can get muddled and you may find yourself believing that what you need is actually what you want.  You might know all too well that when it comes to being healthier this is very true.


Do you need that extra helping or do you want it?  Do you need three rest days in a row or do you want them?  When you are so used to doing something, it can be hard to decipher whether your motives are driven by needs or wants.  If you have always gone back for seconds, you might truly think that you need that much food to feel full.  If you have had a certain exercise schedule for years, you might think that this is exactly what your body needs.  Needs and wants can go the opposite way too.  Maybe you think that you need to be super strict with the way you eat 100% of the time or you will fail.  You believe that you need to run 10 miles a day or you’ll be out of shape.

Wants are not a bad thing.  It is ok to want things.  Desire is what can push us to reach our goals, they motivate us to do better.  Don’t let your life get clouded by wants though.  Wants can overshadow things that you actually need.  But on the flip side, make sure that your needs are real needs.  Take a moment and evaluate your health needs.  Do you need to have a six pack?  Is that need running the rest of the show?  If that is true then your needs might have to shift.  With an overall goal of better health, make sure that your needs are helping you reach that goal.  If you find yourself hindered by your needs, start making changes.

Being healthier is a journey with A LOT of bumps along the way.  It’s ok to reevaluate, adjust, and change your tactics or goals.  It’s ok to reroute and head towards your goals in a different way.  The best advice I can give is to start small and see what works the best for you.  It can be difficult to differentiate between a want or a need so keep it simple.  When you first start out your needs can be to move a little extra each day and eat one more serving of vegetables.  Then as you progress, evolve your needs and wants to fit your life.  Be kind to yourself and realize that you won’t be perfect and that is alright.  Be able to acknowledge when something you did doesn’t work and move on and learn from that mistake.  As time goes on things will get easier and you will be able to make healthier choices with ease.  You need to be healthier and I want to be there to help you reach that goal.