Healthy Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Hopefully all of you made it through the polar vortex and have thawed out just a bit.  Thankfully we made it through with minimal damage, only one pipe burst.  It was fixed quickly and didn’t cause too much stress, that was good!

This past weekend I was thinking about my “health mission”.  What did I want my message to be to the readers of my blog, people who come to me for advice, and eventually people that work with me one on one?  I narrowed it down to two main ideas.  The first being not everyone will become/stay healthy in the same way.  I’ve talked about this before on the blog.  We are all unique and our bodies function and work in different ways.  What may work for me might not necessarily work for you, and that is ok!  This goes for how you eat as well as how you exercise.

The second message I want to share is that healthy does not have to be hard.  Many of you reading this right now are thinking otherwise.  You have tried to get healthier numerous times, but always end up right where you started.  Some of you believe that in order to become healthy you have to follow complicated rules, stick to strict schedules/menus, or buy fancy and expensive equipment.  While you can do those things, they are not at all necessary to become healthier.

When I first started out, I also thought I had to get fancy.  I figured that following a fad diet and working out with a special routine or equipment was the only way to be the healthy person that I wanted to be.  By trial and error, I learned that it was actually much simpler than I first believed.

The biggest thing that you need to become healthier is the desire.  You have to be in a place where you truly want to start this journey.  Otherwise you will keep failing or quitting or not giving it your all.  Once you find that motivation, the rest is fairly simple.

In terms of eating, you don’t need to buy into fancy diets or food systems or companies.  Get rid of all processed food products and then start experimenting.  Do you do well on a more plant based diet or do you thrive with more meat?  Maybe you do better on a high fat diet full of quality, healthy fats.  Or you find that more whole grains is your thing.  Whatever it is, make sure you feel right and can go about your day without misery or gnawing hunger.

When it comes to exercise, there are so many inexpensive and simple options.  The main goal is to move daily in whatever way gives you the most joy.  Don’t like running?  Then don’t waste hours on the track hating your life.  Think yoga is crazy?  Then don’t sign up for a hot yoga class.  Again, experiment with a bunch of different forms of exercise.  Maybe something as simple as walking gives you what you need or perhaps you learn that you love weightlifting because it makes you feel awesome.  The most important thing is to figure out which form of activity brings happiness to your life and doesn’t feel like a chore.

When it comes down to it, these are very simple ideas and strategies.  Yes, it can seem hard to completely overhaul or change your life.  Start small.  Focus on changing one meal a day or adding fifteen more minutes of exercise to your day.  Once you master those add in more.  Realize that this is a process and it can be a very simple one.  What makes you feel happy and full of life and energy?  Find that and the rest will fall into place!


Have a great Monday and a fabulous week everyone!