Winter Wonderland

I argued with my husband that technically I could sing Winter Wonderland because it wasn’t a Christmas song.  Go ahead and look at the lyrics.  There is no mention of Christmas, presents, Santa, Christmas trees, or any other holiday lingo.  It’s a winter song and I can sing it especially if I’m out in a literal winter wonderland.  Winter Wonderland | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Cheesy Basil Cauliflower Rice

One benefit of making a lot of sauces/dressings/spreads is that you have endless combinations of things to add to your meals throughout the week.  The top shelf of my fridge is usually dominated by mason jars filled with random concoctions along with tried and true recipes.  I like coming up with fun ways to add flavor to my meal during the week.  By changing up the flavor, I can still make my staple foods taste new and interesting. Cheesy Basil Cauliflower Rice | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

Look at My Cats…. and My Weekend

You know what I’m really bad at?  Taking pictures of things other than food.  I either never remember to take pictures while doing other things or feel awkward pulling out my camera in a crowd of people.  Which is ridiculous because chances are most of them are taking pictures too.

While this isn’t a huge problem, it does mean I rarely have pictures to show you when I do my posts about my weekend.  Which is a bummer because a picture is worth a thousand words or something like that.  Look at My Cats... and My Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived Continue reading

A Meal Plan is the Best Plan

I’ve harped on talked about meal planning before because it really can make or break a healthy lifestyle.  Fail to plan, plan to fail and what not.  This weekend that point was really hit home for me.  I was dog-sitting Bronson and didn’t really have any plan for dinners.  You know what happens when I don’t have a plan for dinner?

Loaded nachos.  Or loaded yuca fries.  Oh, loaded yuca fries.

These meals are delicious and totally fine to have once in awhile.  Because while loaded yuca fries are a delicious revelation, you can not live on them alone.  Although I may give it a whirl…

A Meal Plan is the Best Plan | Life Healthfully Lived

So much loaded goodness….

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