Winter Wonderland

I argued with my husband that technically I could sing Winter Wonderland because it wasn’t a Christmas song.  Go ahead and look at the lyrics.  There is no mention of Christmas, presents, Santa, Christmas trees, or any other holiday lingo.  It’s a winter song and I can sing it especially if I’m out in a literal winter wonderland.  Winter Wonderland | Life Healthfully Lived

Which is the other reason I’m winning at wife of the year.  Besides singing about walking in a winter wonderland I actually made my husband walk in a winter wonderland.  Usually, on Sunday afternoons, we take a nice long walk together.  Well because we had a bunch of other things to do yesterday and we planned on watching the Superbowl at least through the halftime show, we decided to do our walk first thing in the morning.

First thing in the morning here it was snowing and the wind was essentially blowing ice pellets at our face 80% of the time.  Like I said, wife of the year over here.

But I made up for our snowy walk by making shredded buffalo chicken in the crockpot, making guacamole along with cream cheese ranch dip, chips, and having goat cheese and crackers available during the game.  It all balanced out in the end.

I also did my new meal prep routine on Sunday and got both Adam and I’s lunches all put together, made Monday’s dinner so it can just be heated up quick, and prepped a few other things to make the week go smoothly. I finally feel like I’m not playing catch up during the week and I hope that lasts a little longer!

Here is what is on our menu for dinner’s this week:

  • Monday- Ground meat bowls… which is exactly what it sounds like.  I seasoned a mix of ground pork and turkey with homemade Ranch Seasoning.  Then come dinner time we can add it to whatever vegetables we have on hand, rice, potatoes, and various sauces.  Simple and delicious. **You could also do this same idea with my cauliflower crumbles or the sausage crumbles from my arepa recipe!**
  • Tuesday- I haven’t decided yet, but I’m going to be home all day so I have the luxury of deciding that day what I want to make.
  • Wednesday- Tandoori Marinated Chicken Thighs.  I’m still perfecting this recipe, but it turned out pretty good last week and it should be coming to the blog soon.  P.S. I’m obsessed with chicken thighs lately.  They’re cheap, taste amazing, and super versatile.  That is all.
  • Thursday- Seared Ahi Tuna with Sauteed Spinach.  We always do fish on Thursday and lately, I have been loving the Ahi tuna from Trader Joe’s.  Especially with an Everything Bagel Seasoning crust.  Mmmm…
  • Friday- Probably a crock pot meal, but we’ll see what I feel like.  I usually prep dinner for Friday on Thursday morning because I have a little extra time.

That’s what I have for you this week.  I hope your Monday has started out wonderfully and you’re ready to tackle the week ahead! Winter Wonderland | Life Healthfully Lived


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