Family Time

It’s always a good weekend when I get to spend some time with a few of my favorite people! Family Time | Life Healthfully Lived

Because our Christmas plans were altered because of the flu, we decided to plan a family game night to make up for it.  Well, the first date we chose was ALSO ruined because of the flu (stupid virus), so we rescheduled again for the weekend of my mom’s birthday.

Family Time | Life Healthfully Lived

The beautiful and mature birthday lady 🙂

We made a taco bar complete with two types of ground meat, roasted shrimp, taco fixin’s, and of course alllll the guacamole.  Because what’s a taco night without guacamole?  Nothing.  It’s nothing.  There was also roasted kohlrabi, chips, salsa, and taco shells.  It was all delicious and the best part was that everyone could get what the needed/wanted based on their dietary preferences.  Because let me tell you, it’s a bit difficult to find a meal that will feed six people who have different food needs.

Family Time | Life Healthfully Lived

Making guacamole, guac, guac-a-mole… Now you have that song stuck in your head

Even though this was a planned game night, we didn’t actually play any games.  We spent the time talking and laughing and catching up with each other.  I have to admit, after a bit of a tiring week, it was nice to relax with the people who know me best.

Family Time | Life Healthfully Lived

The boys working on super fun tax things!

Sunday Adam and I spent the day resting and getting ready for the week ahead.  We took our usual morning walk and for the first time in two weeks it did NOT snow.  The sun actually shone and there was a light breeze.  While it was chilly during our walk, it warmed up enough later on that we opened the windows.  It felt like spring!

Family Time | Life Healthfully Lived

We did get some snow on Saturday, though!

Family Time | Life Healthfully Lived

But don’t worry.  I know this is Chicago and snow will probably keep coming through April….

Part of my Sunday was spent meal prepping because #iloveroutine.  And it’s the easiest way to save me some time during the week and make meal times much smoother.  So what did I get ready?  Here’s this weeks menu:

  • Monday- Pan-seared scallops and chicken sausage with a lemon-butter sauce.  Served over orzo for the hubs and spinach for me.
  • Tuesday- Mustard garlic marinated drumsticks roasted in the oven.  I made this last week (check out Instagram) and I’m pretty sure it will be on the blog as soon as I can stop shoving them in my mouth and take pictures!
  • Wednesday- Crispy chicken thighs made in the cast-iron skillet.  I sort of follow Nom Nom Paleo’s recipe for Cracklin Chicken, I just change up the seasoning.
  • Thursday- Leftover night.  We have a lot of extra leftovers knocking around our fridge/freezer, so it’s time to clear those out.
  • Friday- We shall see what I’m in the mood for.  Last week I made lamb/turkey mashed avocado burgers that were delish!

Other stuff that got prepped:

  • Hardboiled eggs- for hubby lunches
  • Roasted artichokes- for my breakfasts
  • My lunch salads are all ready to go
  • Marinated olives for snacking (these aren’t the same but they are tasty!)

I think I’m ready to tackle another week, how about you?  How was your weekend?