Sometimes You Gotta Sled

Hello!  I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  I know I did!  I took a little bit of a break from social media while I was traveling and with family and it was very nice to get away for a while. Sometimes You Gotta Sled | Life Healthfully Lived

I didn’t take many (ok, none) pictures over Thanksgiving so I can’t do a photo recap.  But I can tell you that both of my Thanksgiving feasts were delicious and spent in good company.  It’s one of my favorite holidays and I’m happy every year to celebrate.

The ONLY downside to Thanksgiving this year was that Adam got sick right before our second one.  He ended up with a 24-hour bug but it knocked him out right before the eating so he couldn’t enjoy feast #2.  I’m glad he wasn’t super sick but it stinks when you have to miss yummy food.

Other fun news, we had our first big snow here.  I think we ended up with something like 11 inches once everything was said and done.  Unfortunately, our snow blower broke like 5 minutes after we started clearing stuff out and we had to shovel.  It was an extremely heavy snow and it took about 3 hours for us to dig ourselves and two of our elderly neighbors out.  At least it was a good workout?

I decided about 4 o’clock in the afternoon that I wanted to go sledding.  I hadn’t been sledding in years and I felt it was high time.  Plus, we had a ton of snow, why not put it to good use?  I obviously dragged Adam along and we had a great time.  We didn’t stay for long (shoveling 50,000 pounds of snow tuckers you out) but we still made it down the hill 6 or 7 times.

Sometimes You Gotta Sled | Life Healthfully Lived

Pretty sure this is how Adam felt….

And now it’s cold.  But that’s what this time of year is all about, right?

How was your holiday?  Did you get any snow?  Sometimes You Gotta Sled | Life Healthfully Lived