Pass the Spray Bottle

3/4 of the wallpaper we need to remove is down.  We have one more full room to go and then we have to go back and wash all the walls and repair any damage.

I never want to remove wallpaper in my life again. Pass the Spray Bottle | Life Healthfully Lived

Which means inevitably I will have to remove more wallpaper somewhere down the line.  But until that day comes, I think I can only handle one more weekend of the scraping, spraying, removing, swearing…

Other than wallpaper fun this weekend, we’ve been doing our best to survive this sweltering heatwave.  I’m really hoping this is the last round of humidity this summer before fall kicks in because I’m just a little tired of sweating.  This has been a weird summer weather wise.  It’s either unseasonably cool or you’re swimming in a pool of sweat.

Eh, we could have it worse I suppose.  I heard that in some places in Montana and Idaho they were already expecting snow.  I like snow but I’m not quite ready for that yet. Pass the Spray Bottle | Life Healthfully Lived

Before I got started on all the wallpaper removal fun, Dad and I went to a high school football game at my alma mater.  We had clients on both teams and thought it would be fun to go see them play each other.  I don’t think I had been back to my high school since my sister graduated almost 10 years ago.  It was kind of neat to see everything but also weird because I realized I had NEVER sat in the bleachers to watch a football game.  I was in the marching band and we always played at halftime.  Also, when did high schoolers start to look so young?  When I was in high school I remember thinking people looked so grown up but now they look like babies.

That means I’m old, doesn’t it?

Pass the Spray Bottle | Life Healthfully Lived

Creepily taking a picture of band practice. Don’t worry. Totally ok because I used to be in the band

I snuck away at half time to watch the marching band practice in the parking lot (band geek 4 life) and overall had a fun time watching the game.  It was kind of neat to see clients I had trained perform well.

Soon I promise there will be more interesting things going on over here, but for now I’ll entertain you with stories of wallpaper and high school football games.  Maybe this coming weekend, we’ll take a little break from getting our rooms ready and have a little family BBQ for Labor Day because THAT one creeped up without me realizing it!

What do you have p