Wallpaper Woes

You know what two things should never have been invented?

Wallpaper and plastic wrap.  They are the absolute worst.  Wallpaper Woes | Life Healthfully Lived

I know I’ve ranted somewhere before (Instagram maybe?) about my hatred for plastic wrap.  It’s almost as if someone said, “You know what the world needs?  A way to cover food that doesn’t actually work.  Yeah, people will really like this.”  It’s garbage and I hate having to use it.  But I made a brisket for my parents and I yesterday and part of the prep was wrapping it in plastic wrap to help with the spice rub.

It was awful.

Wallpaper Woes | Life Healthfully Lived

Actual footage of me using plastic wrap

But you know what’s just as bad if not worst?  Wallpaper.  More specifically removing wallpaper.

This past weekend I started the process of removing the wallpaper from the part of the house Adam and I will be living in soon.  We have two rooms and a bathroom and all of them are covered from floor to ceiling in wallpaper.  I wanted to get all the wallpaper down and the rooms painted before we moved in so we have a little more space to work with, but this is going to be a long process.

I feel like everything is a long process these days.  While I would love to get all the things done in one weekend, it just isn’t possible.  I think that’s what drains my energy.  Spending all the free time we have working on getting everything ready.  I know the day is fast approaching where it will all be done (or mostly done) and I can sit and enjoy some nothingness, but we aren’t there yet.

Wallpaper Woes | Life Healthfully Lived

The wall looks good like this, right?

In the meantime, someone please tell me the best way to remove wallpaper.  I feel like every article I read says they have the magic steps to easy wallpaper removal but it’s all a big hoax and I might end up stabbing someone with my putty knife.  I’m thinking about renting a steamer from Home Depot, but don’t know for sure if that will actually be of use or just annoying and expensive.


So how did you spend your weekend?  Hopefully with something more fun than plastic wrap and wallpaper!