A Slow Weekend

Things I did this weekend:

  1. Made food
  2. Ate food
  3. A lot of resting
  4. Repeat Slow Weekend | Life Healthfully Lived

Sure, sure I threw in a little meal prep and cleaning, but for the majority of the weekend, there was a whole lot of nothing.  The next few weekends (like until October) are going to be filled with getting my parent’s house ready for us to move into and getting our garage redone for business.

I’m enjoying all the relaxing moments I can.

Saturday we took our time waking up and then after a few quick errands, Adam surprised me by taking me to a Spanish tapas bar, Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba.  It was good and I liked that I got to try a bunch of different things without feeling stuffed.  We got some paella, a meat/cheese board, a tiny Cubano (that was FABULOUS), and a beef empanada.

Two thumbs way up.

After that, we went to the grocery store and then stopped at a resale shop.  I managed to get two new workout shirts and two dresses for $16.  That makes my thrifty heart sing.  The rest of the day was spent napping, meal prepping, eating Instant Pot pesto chicken, and watching the Cub’s lose.  Which was sad.  But the rest of the day was good.

Sunday we managed to squeeze in a walk before the skies decided to open up and pour.  Well, almost squeezed it in.  About a block away it started to rain and we were pretty much soaked.  Oh well.  I managed to dry off and spend the day lounging about.

Ok, enough talk of my boring (but wonderfully restful) weekend.  Here are the things I managed to get ready when I wasn’t eating or napping:

And our menu for the next week?

  • Monday- Leftover frittata (aka clean out the fridge, add eggs and bake it all up)
  • Tuesday- Sauteed sausage and peppers… with frozen peppers and sausages because that is much easier than actually chopping peppers. Yes, I’ve become that lazy during the week.
  • Wednesday- Any guesses?  If you guessed crispy chicken thighs then you are most certainly correct.
  • Thursday- Tuna and roasted vegetables.
  • Friday- Last Friday was Instant Pot Mongolian Beef (used this recipe with a few changes) and this coming Friday I’ll be at my parent’s house getting ready to clean out the basement/garage… yayyyy

Do these weekly menus and meal prep ideas help you?  What are you planning to eat this week?