My Favorite Things… Lately

I haven’t done a “My Favorite Things” post in a while and since I’m out of town today, I thought it would be a good time for one.  Fair warning: Most of the things I like have to do with Fall and food with a healthy dose of crime.  Totally normal. My Favorite Things... Lately | Life Healthfully Lived

My 30th birthday was on Tuesday.  The day was fairly uneventful because it’s a Tuesday and both Adam and I had to work.  We usually celebrate my birthday the weekend after anyway, so I’m sure I will have more fun things to report back on Monday.

Now onto my favorite things….lately!

SweeTango Apples My Favorite Things... Lately | Life Healthfully Lived

My mom texted me in September that she had found her new favorite apple and it was better than anything she had tried before.  Of course, I couldn’t find them anywhere in Chicago (which is weird) but she is the best mom and brought me a bag.

Big mistake.

I quickly became obsessed with them.  They are super crunchy and sweet right when you bite into them but then have a hit of tangy.  It’s delightful.  Now before all you Honeycrisp devotees jump on me and say there is no way this apple can top that one, SweeTango is actually a hybrid of Honeycrisp and Minnewasheta.  So take that! Luckily most stores around me now have these apples and I’ve been eating one a day because it keeps the doc… well, you know the rest.

The Republic of Tea- Hot Apple Cider Tea  

My Favorite Things... Lately | Life Healthfully Lived

I just got this tea last Saturday as part of my birthday present from my parents and I’m already in love with it.  It combines three of my favorite Autumn flavors (apple, cinnamon, and clove) along with things like berry, lemon, ginger, and orange.  It is very reminiscent of hot apple cider which is one my favorite things to drink on Thanksgiving.  In fact, when Mom asks what I want on Thanksgiving, hot apple cider always makes the list.  Until Thanksgiving, though, I’ll just sip on this tea!

Honeynut Squash

My Favorite Things... Lately | Life Healthfully Lived


Told you there was a lot of food on my list!  The honeynut squash is a new to me squash I found at Trader Joe’s.  It looks like a mini butternut squash and since it was so cute and only $.99 I had to buy it.  Turns out it is delicious!  It is super creamy and a little sweeter than butternut squash.  When you roast it, the edges get super crispy and caramelized and I want to eat only honeynut squash forever.

While I still love butternut squash, these little honeynuts are so much easier to peel and cut.  Plus, I can eat an entire one and not feel TOO much like a pig! 🙂

Sheet Pan Meals 

Ok, this is the last food thing on my list I promise.  I’ve mentioned sheet pan meals a few times in my meal prep posts, but I am loving them as a time saver when it comes to dinner.  In case you weren’t aware, sheet pan meals are dinners where you cook everything on one pan in the oven.  I’m actually working on a Fall-inspired (go figure) sheet pan recipe for the blog, but this recipe, this recipe, and this recipe are quite tasty!

The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

My Favorite Things... Lately | Life Healthfully Lived

I read this book almost a month ago but I still think about it.  Which means it was a good read.  I am already a huge fan of Karin Slaughter’s writing because her stories just suck you in.  And right when you think you’ve figured everything out, she throws a major curveball your way.  If you like Gillian Flynn or Paula Hawkins, I highly recommend Karin Slaughter.  Along with The Good Daughter, you should also check out Pretty Girls and The Kept Woman.


The Keepers 

My Favorite Things... Lately | Life Healthfully Lived

I like murder.  And crime.  And mysteries.  If you know me you already know this and if you don’t, please don’t run away.  I promise I’m not creepy and I won’t try to murder you…. Unlike the people in The Keepers.  This is a Netflix series that follows the story of a nun killed back in the 60’s.  Her killer was never found and a few students at the school where she taught have taken it upon themselves to find out what really happened.  Cue ALL the dark and lewd secrets of that school coming to light.  We’re about halfway through and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Wine & Crime

My Favorite Things... Lately | Life Healthfully Lived

I told you I like crime.  I also like talking about crime in a comedic manner because I’m special like that.  I first heard about this podcast from Juli at PaleOMG and I was hooked after the first episode.  Three friends from Minnesota pick a crime-related to talk about, pair it with a bottle of wine, and then proceed to drink all the wine and talk all the crime.  They are hysterical and remind me of me and my friends talking about things.  Plus, I love that they ask the weird and sordid questions about things like necrophilia that I would ask.  BECAUSE I’M CURIOUS AND NOT CREEPY, OK?

Neutrogena Light Therapy Spot Treatment 

My Favorite Things... Lately | Life Healthfully Lived

I’m adding this to the end of my list because it’s not a favorite of mine just yet, but I wanted to share.  I got this light therapy spot treatment a few weeks ago to see if it would work on some of the zits that keep coming back on my chin and around my mouth.  There is a whole bunch of science as to how light therapy works and gets rid of acne and blah, blah, blah…. It was $20 and doesn’t involve weird ingredients or chemicals so I decided to give it a try.  Does it magically erase my acne?  No.  Does it help shorten the time they hang out on my face?  Maybe.   I can’t tell yet but I will report back once I know more.

Ok, that’s all I got for my favorites lately.  Now tell me what you’ve been liking in your neck of the woods and enjoy your Friday!