Slowly Melting….

I’m going to need Summer to back off because it is officially Fall.  I don’t think I can do too many more 90+ days with a humidity of 1000%.  Yes, 1000%.  Trust me, I’m married to a meteorologist.

Slowly Melting | Life Healthfully Lived


The weather people keep telling us that this heat and humidity will finally break Wednesday, but I’m not going to start rejoicing until that is the absolute truth.  Because pretty much two weeks of heat wave towards the end of September will give anyone major side eye feelings.

That being said, my motivation levels have been zero.  Like, cannot muster the energy to do much other than sit and sweat.  I had all these plans for this weekend, like testing new recipes and super cleaning the apartment, but that never really happened.  Too much sweat to do that stuff.

We did get out to visit some of Adam’s family on Saturday.  His cousin’s daughter had her first birthday party and we were able to visit with his mom and grandma for most of the day.  Unfortunately, we had to catch a train at 5:10 and the party started at 4 so we weren’t able to spend much time with his other family members.  Hopefully, we can all get together soon.

Other than that, it was a weekend of not much.  But while I didn’t have the energy to create new delicious things for you to eat, I did do a tiny bit of prep on Sunday.  I plan to do more today because I have slightly higher energy levels and I’ve managed to replace some fluids.  Slowly Melting | Life Healthfully Lived

Here’s what’s in my fridge for this week:

  • Pickles because I had a hankering for some. #notpregnant
  • Smoky Garlic Mayo because I plan on making chicken salad for dinner today or tomorrow because the oven is still on a timeout.
  • Sweet Potato Toast because I make it every week as an easy post-workout pre-breakfast snack.
  • Sweet Potato Dumplings because I had extra sweet potato after making the toast and I like to keep these in the freezer for quick dinners.
  • Coconut Cashew Sauce because I made cauliflower fried rice and I’m going to use this sauce with some vegetables for lunch and dinner options.
  • Chicken & Jicama Curry Salad because of the previously mentioned oven time out and mayo making.
  • Avocado & Corn Gazpacho because I’m testing out a beet gazpacho (check Instagram) and again too freakin hot for warm food.
  • Sweet & Sour Eggplant because of cauliflower fried rice and I have a random eggplant I didn’t use from another recipe…
  • Autumn Eggplant Rollatini because I found canned butternut squash at Trader Joes and I’m hoping the cold front will allow me to turn on my oven.
  • Kitchari because I made this for dinner Sunday night to make leftovers for lunches for Adam.
  • Taco Casserole because I’m testing another casserole recipe this week that is sorta, kinda like this.  But mostly different.

I also have cut up broccoli and carrots to roast or saute depending on how hot it stays along with hardboiled eggs, homemade salad dressing, and salad fixins.

How was your weekend?  Is it as hot as the surface of the sun in your neck of the woods?