Working on Restoring

I think a lot of us, me included, feel like in order to be good and productive members of society have to do more.  More work, more outings, more social functions, more workouts, more dieting, more social media worthy activities, more whatever.  Because if you’re not doing more, you’re being lazy.

I have noticed lately that I always feel like I need to do something, whether it’s work, working out, going out with Adam, or whatever.  Slowing down feels lazy.  Another part of the constant more for me is trying to keep up with what I *think* everyone else is doing.  Because I work from home and I set my own schedule, it’s easy for me to jam as much stuff into my day just so I can keep up and not be lazy.    Picture by Yoga with Dearbhla

The thing is?  The more mentality is wearing me out.

My body has started to tell me that I need to slow down.  Random aches pop up where there shouldn’t be random aches.  I wake up tired even after a full 8 hours of sleep.  I get anxious about random things (more so than often… I’m a naturally anxious person).  Clearly, my body is telling me to listen and change.

So I’m working on adding things to my day that restore my mind and body.  These aren’t huge or time-consuming things.  Just a few habits I’m building to help me feel more balanced.  I figured I would share some of these with you and maybe something will resonate with you.  Or maybe you need something totally different, which is completely fine.  This is what’s working for me.

Diffusing Essential Oils Working on Restoration | Life Healthfully LivedWorking on Restoration | Life Healthfully Lived

Adam got me a diffuser for my birthday and in the last few months, I have used it every single day.  I’m often amazed how a simple thing like a scent can change the tone of my day.  I love using different blends to help me feel more calm or focused or happy or invigorated.  My little essential oil nook (this whole wall actually) is one of my favorite little spots on our apartment.  I also made some room sprays with water and essential oils that I spritz on the furniture and carpets whenever the room needs a little refresh.  Cheaper and better for you than Febreze!

Fitting Yoga in Every Day Working on Restoration | Life Healthfully Lived

This one is a work in progress because sometimes I just want to keep working and then all of the sudden realize Adam will be home and I still haven’t started dinner.  But getting on my yoga mat, even for a few minutes, really helps me center myself and feel better in my body.

Bouquets & Books Working on Restoration | Life Healthfully Lived

I don’t have any outdoor space in my apartment so I have been making an effort to bring a little green into my home.  Trader Joes has a great selection of fresh flowers and plants and I’ve been picking up one of their petite bouquets (for $3.99), every week or so.  Just having some pretty plants to look at while I work is an immediate mood booster.  I’ve also been carving out time to read because I love reading but it’s one of the first things that gets pushed to the side when I’m busy.  I’ve been trying to make the effort to read before bed instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.  Some nights I succeed others I fail, but I keep trying.

Sit Working on Restoration | Life Healthfully Lived

This might seem silly, but I stand the majority of my day so sitting down is a really big deal to me.  I got in the mindset a while back that sitting = lazy.  Or I guess sitting while doing nothing = lazy.  That can be true if sitting and doing nothing all day is the only thing you do, but that isn’t the only thing I do.  It’s perfectly ok to sit for 15 or 20 minutes and do nothing.  In fact, sometimes it’s needed.  This is another favorite spot in my apartment.  That little chair might not look like much but is one of the COMFIEST chairs and I refuse to get rid of it.  I also love my big windows where I can sit and look out over the city.

Those are just a few of the things I do.  I also make sure to get outside and take a walk, even if it’s only around the block.  On the weekends, Adam and I usually take long walks and talk about our lives and plan for the future or just walk together in silence and enjoy our surroundings.  But getting outdoors is crucial to feeling more balanced and happy, at least for me.

What do you guys like to do to feel more balanced and restore yourself?