One Good Thing

Today, we’re going to play a game.  I mean that in the least creepy Jigsaw/Saw movie way. One Good Thing | Life Healthfully Lived

When I was in grade school, I hated math.  Mostly because I didn’t understand it and it didn’t come as naturally to me as other subjects like history or English.  I just didn’t get it.  They were numbers scribbled on a page and no matter how hard I tried I could barely get them to make sense.

I would whine and complain about my math homework, mostly to avoid doing it.  Finally, probably in a fit of frustration, my mom said that no matter what I had to come home every day and tell her one good thing about math.  And it couldn’t be that we didn’t have any homework or that it was over for the day. One Good Thing | Life Healthfully Lived

I fought this “extra” math assignment and would try my best to weasel out of it.

“What good thing happened in math today?”

“One of my classmates made a really funny joke.”

“What good thing happened in math today?”

“My name was in one of the word problems.”

You get the picture.  But soon, I started to think of actual good things that happened in math.  It didn’t suddenly make me love math, in fact, I still struggle with it, but it did make it seem like less of a burden.

One Good Thing | Life Healthfully Lived

Stepping on crunchy leaves. You know you want to walk all over these.

Today’s game?  Tell me one good thing about your day.  And don’t say that it’s over.  Without getting into everything going on in the country/the world right now, life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine.  There are people who hurt.  People who struggle.  Bad things happen.  Life doesn’t go as planned.  It’s rough out there.

One Good Thing | Life Healthfully Lived

When your favorite song comes on, you KNOW you make this face.

But even though there are dark times and hard situations, there is ALWAYS something good about your day.  A smile from a stranger, a random act of kindness, a simple thank you.  They happen.  Every. Single. Day.  We’re just so caught up in the bad that we barely register these good things.

One Good Thing | Life Healthfully Lived

When someone shares their snack with you… and it’s a good one.

I’m not immune to it either.  It’s so easy to complain and moan and zero in on the bad.  Whether it’s about the world, my relationships, my life, or even my body.  I instantly go to the negative and that has a way of pulling down my whole mood.

One Good Thing | Life Healthfully Lived

Puppies and Kittens. Or really any animal.

Well, quite frankly I’ve had enough.

One Good Thing | Life Healthfully Lived

Think of how good you feel when you’re complimented. Now go do it for someone else.

So, I’m challenging myself and you to think of one good thing about your day.  Hopefully, this helps you keep your eyes open to what’s going on around you and you start only seeing the good that is out there.  And if by some chance you can’t find any good, BE the good.  Be quick with a kind word or gesture.  Be willing to lend a hand even when it isn’t required.  Especially if it isn’t required.  Luckily good things have a domino effect and your kindness can start to spread and make a change.

And I hope, that can be my good thing.  At least for today.