Cubs & Baseball: My Roots

I felt this you guys.  Deep down in my bones.  I felt this World Series win. Cubs & Baseball: My Roots | Life Healthfully Lived

I could see the team taking the field after the final out.  I could see the town erupting with joy.  I could feel the energy.  It wasn’t me just visualizing the prize at the end of a 108-year long tunnel.  I just knew.  This was ours.  Even when we were down 3-1 in the series and I was yelling at the TV along with the rest of Cub’s fans, I still knew.

As I sat watching the final game I couldn’t help but think of my grandparents and great-grandparents because like so many others, they were the loyal fans that always believed in next year but never got to see it.

I could hear my Granny yelling in her loud shrill voice at every single play, good or bad.  I could see my Papa smile when Ross hit that last home run of his career.  I could feel the excitement of my great-grandpas that I never got to meet.   Cubs & Baseball: My Roots | Life Healthfully Lived

Because that’s what it is to be a Cubs fan.  You are forever connected to the ones you love and even complete strangers whose only common thread with you is the love for this team.  This win is so much more than a trophy.  So much more than a “W” on a white flag.  So much more than a game for the history books.

It is your heart and soul.

I will never forget that last out of that last inning.  I was pacing because what human being can sit still during a moment like that?  I had a knot right in the pit of my stomach.  My hands would not stop shaking.  Time almost felt like it stopped and then… it was done.  Bryant to Rizzo and we were champions.  I immediately started crying and my knees went weak.  As the initial wave of joy flooded over me, I grabbed my phone to call my dad.  He beat me to the punch and the first thing  I said?

“We’re Champions Dad.  We did it.” Cubs & Baseball: My Roots | Life Healthfully Lived

I haven’t stopped smiling or tearing up since that moment.  And I’m going to ride this feeling for a long time.  This one was for Granny and Papa.  For you Grandpa Earl and Grandpa Alex.  For you loyal fans everywhere who weren’t here to witness it. For you Chicago.

We did it. Cubs & Baseball: My Roots | Life Healthfully Lived