Labor Day Festivities

Happy Labor Day!  I don’t know about you, but I have some fun things planned for today. Labor Day Festivities | Life Healthfully Lived

Adam doesn’t have to work so I plan on taking full advantage of the extra day with him.  We already worked out (I bribed him with donuts to get him to lift weights with me.  No, it wasn’t my proudest moment or the healthiest way to get him to work out but sometimes you do what you gotta do!) and soon we’re headed over to the park by the lake to play tennis.

I haven’t played tennis in YEARS but every time I walk past the tennis courts it looks like fun so today we’re gonna see if we can make complete idiots  pros out of ourselves.  After the tennis, I’m not sure what we’ll do but I think a walk to the Lincoln Park Zoo might be in order… Labor Day Festivities | Life Healthfully Lived

I know most people spend this day relaxing and enjoying the end of summer, but I like to try and get outside as much as possible to soak up as much of the season as possible.  I love fall, but I’m always a little sad when the summer ends.  The long days are gone, a certain amount of laziness slips away into the busyness of the approaching holiday season, and cold weather is right around the corner.

At least there is pumpkin spice everything.  That helps a lot. Labor Day Festivities | Life Healthfully Lived

What do you have planned for Labor Day?  A cookout?  Pool time?  Other outdoor activities?  If you do have a cookout don’t forget to bring something delicious like my purple cauliflower tabbouleh or one of these other cookout dishesPurple Cauliflower Tabbouleh | Life Healthfully Lived

Have a good day off everyone and I’ll see you on Wednesday! Labor Day Festivities | Life Healthfully Lived