The Power of Your Mind

Do you ever feel like you get trapped in your own mind?  It sounds weird, but the mind is a pretty powerful thing and mine can be my worst enemy sometimes.  The Power of Your Mind | Life Healthfully Lived

I feel like I’ve been in a little bit of a funk lately and my mind is largely to blame.  It keeps telling me things that aren’t true and it’s tough not to believe them sometimes.  Like, I’m not good enough, strong enough, creative enough, special enough, healthy enough…. the list honestly goes on and on.  Every time I try to be positive, the little voice in my head has to bring me down. The Power of Your Mind | Life Healthfully Lived

Of course, it isn’t constant and I do have my good moments or days where I feel completely in control, but that voice is just lurking back there waiting for a moment of weakness to pounce.  What’s worse is that I know how easy it would be to just give in because I’ve done that before.  It’s pretty simple to let your mind tell you you’re worthless.  To tell you that you don’t measure up to everyone around you.  To convince you that you are just an average, mundane, run-of-the-mill human being.  There’s almost a weird comfort in knowing that you can never be great because then you don’t have to try.  The Power of Your Mind | Life Healthfully Lived

But as much as I want to just let my mind take over and go on auto-pilot, I’m going to fight it.  Because I’m NOT just an average, mundane, run-of-the-mill human being and neither are you.  Don’t let anyone, even yourself, tell you that.  It’s tiring to struggle with something that is so internal, something that you can’t see, but every ounce of effort you put into that struggle is completely worth it.  The Power of Your Mind | Life Healthfully Lived

Some of you reading this might have no clue what I’m talking about.  You might think I’m a little strange for going to battle against my mind but the people who needed to read this will understand.  They will get that fight and I hope this encourages them to know that not only are they not alone, they’re strong enough to keep going.  To keep fighting. And to one day…

Win. The Power of Your Mind | Life Healthfully Lived

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  1. I definitely understand what you are saying Katie! Been there and it continues every day like you say. We have to continue to stay strong and remind ourselves we are worthy and deserving just like the person standing next to you!! We have to keep on going!!!!

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